Why Ferarri was good enough to use to make her ex Rob Kardashian jealous, apparently now he’s too creepy to show up at Blac Chyna’s gigs.

According to TMZFerrari won’t be allowed to enter Medusa Restaurant & Lounge in Atlanta on Saturday night, where Blac is scheduled to host a party. The gossip site was told Chyna hired extra bodyguards just in case the rapper tries to shows up.

This move comes after the reality star and former exotic dancer’s lawyer Lisa Bloom sent him a letter warning him to not to release any “revenge porn” of his on social media.

However he told TMZ that instead of Blac being scared him, he is scared of her. He also called her letter “weak.”

As we previously reported, Blac has been dealing with a lot of drama as of late, including her baby’s father and ex-finance setting social media ablaze, leaking nude photos of her on Instagram in an alleged cheating induced tirade.

Last week the entrepreneur spoke out for the first time since the incident on Good Morning America, telling hosts that the ordeal left her feeling betrayed and cyber bullied.

“I was devastated, of course, how could somebody post these pictures of me…this is a person I trusted.”

Chyna said she spoke to Rob after the incident to no avail.

“If you can’t respect me, you have to respect the law,” she explained.


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