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A Texas school police officer has been placed on administrative leave after a video shows him picking up a sixth-grade and slamming her to the ground.

According to CBS DFW, a recently released video shared on social media shows 12-year-old Mariana Benton and another young girl fighting on the grounds of Piedmont G.L.O.B.A.L  Academy School in Dallas. Not too soon after, an uniformed Dallas Independent School District officer tried to separate the two before he picked up Mariana and slammed her to the ground.

“The officer came and grabbed me and body slammed me,” Mariana told NBC. “He pepper sprayed me in the eyes and I couldn’t open my eyes because it was burning me.”

The young girl was also severely injured.

“Her clavicle is fractured,” Alma Valadez, Benton’s mother told the news station.

She added: “It makes me mad, angry. She’s 12 years old. She weighs 100 pounds. He should be fired.”

The school district placed the officer on administrative leave, but refused to release the officer’s name. However, school officials stressed that the officer’s actions did not appear to “represent the type of response we want our officers to display.”

But Alvarez isn’t having it.

“Everybody says oh yes, she deserves it … No, no,” Valadez said. “She doesn’t deserve it. She’s a 12-year-old girl.”

According to the New York Daily News, this isn’t the first time the school district has come under fire for its alleged brutality against students. They also recently made headlines after a 7-year-old boy was reportedly handcuffed by an officer at Gabe P. Allen Charter School for acting. 

SOURCE: CBS DFW; NBC DFW; New York Daily News


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14 thoughts on “Dallas School Police Officer Put on Administrative Leave After Breaking 12-Year-Old’s Clavicle

  1. linda on said:

    I really hate the fact that when situations like this happens people who are not black respond in the most racist way…if your kid was fighting at school, and this happened to them what would you do?

  2. Martha on said:

    I see it’s a bunch of racist white bigots on here. If somebody was to slam one of your white or redneck children you would have a shit fit. All black people are not angry.anger comes in many colors and many races. Are you asswipe Whiteys on here, need to shut up take a seat suck rocks drop dead. Some of you people are a bunch of ignorant assholes. Peace out idiots

  3. Honestly on said:

    Another violent cave n!@@er with a badge, what else is new? These mayonnaise monkeys must be crushed to p!ss, sh!t and blood. They should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  4. mrknowitall on said:

    And you wonder why black kids get suspended more that European American students. They are out of control.

    • God loves all his children on said:

      Your comment is rude and uncalled for 12 year old is a child not a woman. Female child😇. Race will always be a factor especially with comments like this.

  5. mrknowitall on said:

    Doesn’t someone love black people enough to tell them to listen to the police? Here’s where it gets really bad: if this violent colored girl had broken her clavicle fighting another out of control violent black privileged girl, nothing would have been said. Stop the black privilege double standard.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Would have been a fair fight, same weight class, one lost. However, this “man” weighs more than this 12 y.o. child, NOT A FAIR FIGHT. He lost control, he should lose his job.

    • God loves all his children on said:

      Face facts at the end of day African American will always be punished because of skin color if it was a Caucasian student would not have happened period.

    • RENO2AC on said:

      “Colored girl,” are you kidding me. I didn’t know they had computers in the backwoods of Mississippi.

    • RENO2AC on said:

      Stop being an idiot. You cannot body slam somebody’s child. You separate the parties and have the building administrators handle it from there, but you do not cause physical harm to someone’s child!

  6. specialt757 on said:

    From the looks of the video he had already separated the two, why did he need to pick her up and slam her to the ground? the first was over.

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