INSIDE HER STORY: Coping With The Loss Of A Mother Around Mother’s Day


05/09/17 – Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Dr. Argie Allen about coping with the loss of a mother around Mother’s Day and Mental Health Awareness Month.

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5 thoughts on “INSIDE HER STORY: Coping With The Loss Of A Mother Around Mother’s Day

  1. Dr ADL on said:

    I was three years old when my mom passed and 15 years old when my step mom and dad divorced and went on with her life. So, at 38 years old and to have never had a successful mother/daughter relationship. However, I’ve always invested in other children and people early on in life. Also, I take time to really grieve the death of my mom after 36 years. I’m not sure I want any kids.

  2. specialt757 on said:

    I would like to wish all the MOTHERS on this site along with the BAW staff a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! I hope your children & family bring you nothing but joy and happiness during this time of the year.

  3. specialt757 on said:

    As a mother, I’ve always wanted to give my children good memories of me, so when I’m no longer here they can say my mom was a good mom, she did her best and she loved us more than life itself. I just hope the good times outweigh the “tough love” times, so when they share they are laughing.

  4. specialt757 on said:

    A lot of my friends and family members’ mothers have passed and they still have a hard time during this time of year. Just remember the good days, this is always a good time to pull out the old photo albums and go down memory lane, those old pictures are sure to bring a smile on your face.

  5. It is still difficult for me around Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with both parents being deceased.

    I dread this time of year.
    Although, I still have good memories of my childhood and parents, it can be hard to cope
    with the celebration of the holidays that honor them.

    No matter how long they have been gone, the inner pain still remains.
    Which is why it is so important to show respect and to always have love for our parents
    while they are still here.

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