Roland Martin, Cornell Belcher Dig Into Trump’s Poor Poll Performance


04/24/17 – Roland Martin talks to Cornell Belcher about the latest poll numbers that indicate most of the country is not happy with President Donald Trump.

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2 thoughts on “Roland Martin, Cornell Belcher Dig Into Trump’s Poor Poll Performance

  1. The main reason for Chump’s poor performance rating is that he has no political experience.
    Chump has been a businessman. Running a business and running the government are two different things.

    In addition, Chump is not use to losing or not having things his own way.
    He is in for a RUDE AWAKENING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Plus he is an airhead!!!!!!!–dumb as a doorknob!!!!!!

  2. hoodtechie on said:

    Roland both you and Cornell are beyond ignorant. This man has barely been in office for 100 days and already you critique him on a simple sample poll. I guess you forgot to mention in that same poll 96% of the people who voted for trump would do it again, including one wants what the democrats are offering and it reflected in the sizable win trump enjoyed. Please find something else more constructive to talk about, your commentaries are juvenile at best. Did you critique obama with his poll numbers on his first 100 days? No one wanted Hillary as president, get over it and move on and stop being stuck on the democratic plantation, dam!!!

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