It was inevitable that reporters would ask President Barack Obama about President-elect Donald Trump at his first post-election news conference.

Despite his harsh criticism during the presidential campaign, Obama extended an olive branch and pledged to facilitate the transition of the man who spearhead the birther movement, which challenged his legitimacy as president, the Huffington Post reports.

On the campaign trail, Obama warned that Trump is unfit to serve as president and railed against his temperament.

The president noted at the press conference that his successor has temperament traits “that will not serve him well” and require adjustment.

Obama added: “Whatever you bring to this office, this office has a habit of magnifying and pointing out, and hopefully then you correct for.”

Reflecting on their meeting at the White House last week, Obama described their first face-to-face encounter as “cordial.” He also complimented Trumps’ skillfulness in identifying and speaking to the concerns of a large group of Americans.

However, Obama revealed that he explained to Trump that “campaigning is different from governing,” adding that the newly elected president was aware of that.

Trying to calm the fears of many Americans, Obama said Trump appears flexible on some policies issues:

“He is coming to this office with fewer set, hard-and-fast policy prescriptions than a lot of other presidents might be arriving with. I don’t think he is ideological. I think, ultimately, he is pragmatic,” the president said.

Obama is hopeful that the Trump administration will safeguard some elements of the policies he advocated. He noted that the legislative process is more like “an ocean liner” than a “speed boat.”

SOURCE: Huffington Post


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One thought on “Obama Carefully Avoids Criticizing Trump At Press Conference

  1. There is no need for the POTUS to stoop to Chump’s level.

    I wonder how Chump felt last week when he went to the WH to meet with our President.
    After all CHUMP was the one who started that “birther” mess regarding the President’s
    birth certificate and whether or not he is a citizen.

    From the photos I’ve seen of their visit-CHUMP looks rather un-comfortable-while our President remains cool as always!!!!!!!

    Barack feed CHUMP out of a long handled spoon!!!!!!!!

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