Michigan was one of the states Americans gave the side-eye to after Donald Trump won the election earlier this week.

But a video making its rounds on the internet might explain how the state that once voted for Obama ended up giving Donald Trump the electoral votes he needed to win the presidency. In the video, a small group of students at Royal Oak Middle School in Detroit, Michigan broke out into chants of Build the wall” the day after the election.

According to Dee Perez-Scott, who posted the video, “Latino children were crying. The taunts, the ‘Build that Wall’ with such bullying power and hate from children to children. Just Horrifying!” 

Royal Oak Schools superintendent Shawn Lewis-Lakin said in a statement on Friday, “We addressed this incident when it occurred. We are addressing it today. We are working with our students to help them understand the impact of their words and actions on others in their school community.”

“The wall” refers to the structure Trump promised he would build along the U.S./Mexico border in order to keep out undocumented immigrants.

Looks like the Trump family’s new anti-bullying plea isn’t working after all. Check out the video above.

SOURCE: Raw Story 


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