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Today, Monday, November 7, it’s a real emotional reconciliation between award-winning actress Mo’Nique and co-host Loni Love as the pair tearfully clears up a misunderstanding!

Plus, Mo’Nique describes how she danced her way down to 203 pounds and Loni reminisces about how the “Almost Christmas” star coached her through her first table read for the still controversial film “Soul Plane.”

Mo’Nique:  The reason Loni and I had to hold onto each other for minute is because we could have experienced a horrible Hollywood story [co-host Loni Love shakes her head in agreement], but in the end, the story was so beautiful and I think it’s important that people understand who Loni is for real.

Mo’Nique:  You know, to know who she really is because one day uh, [her husband] Sidney and I were listening to their show [radio show Café’Mocha] and Loni and her co-host, baby, they was going in “How could Mo’Nique do that?  Oh, the man, her husband…” and it was just not kind [Loni shakes her head in agreement].  I called my sister [referring to Loni] up.  I didn’t want to call anybody else, I wanted to talk directly to my sister [pointing to Loni] and I called her up and the conversation we had she said in the midst of that conversation, she said “Mo’Nique, I didn’t consider that.  I didn’t consider that as I was talking.”

Loni Love:  Exactly.

Mo’Nique:  So, it was our moment right there for us to physically hold on to each other.

Loni:  No, you called me and I said “I gotta fix this, okay and I made sure.”


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