A Richmond, Virginia area bar is under a hail of criticism for its new dress code that some say targets African-American customers, NBC 12 reports.

Several items on the 7 Hills Brewing Company’s list look suspiciously aimed at turning away Black men: Timberland boots, large chains, do-rags and Black and Mild cigars.

Kristal Brown, a frequent customer at 7 Hills, believes she knows the intent behind the list.

“[The dress code] is targeting a certain type of individual, in terms of trying to keep minorities out. When you talk about chains… Timberland’s, do-rags… It’s kind of targeting a certain type of look and a certain individual,” she told the news outlet.

Michael Abdelmagid, the owner of the bar and restaurant, told NBC 12 that his night spot welcomes a diverse crowd, and the dress code was not intended to offend anyone. He’s revising the list, but he simply wants customers to wear proper attire, like shirts with collars and buttons.

However, customers like Brown, who is African-American, believe the dress code is a subtle form of racism.

“It’s not that racism does not exist. It’s still here,” she stated. “It’s just done in a different way. It’s not necessarily people walking around with KKK attire on.”

In his defense, Abdelmagid said other bars and restaurants in the area have posted similar dress codes.

Indeed, NBC 12 found two nearby bars that also prohibit items like Timberlands and do-rags.

SOURCE: NBC 12 | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter


3 thoughts on “Richmond Virginia Bars Post Subtly Racist Dress Code, Black Customers Say

  1. ButterPecan on said:

    Who still wears Do Rags anyway! Go somewhere else.It’s their lost revenue. Go where your patronage will be appreciated.

  2. Wallie Bun on said:

    I agree with the bar.They have a right to have a dress code and if some one does want to abide by the dress code they don’t have go to the club/bar. Go to a place that has a dress code written or otherwise that caters to those who wear Timberlands and Do Rags.Simple as that.

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