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10/21/16- Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Judith Browne Dianis of Advancement Project to talk about the latest in alleged voter fraud, Donald Trump’s hate talk and much more.

“It’s racist. The kind of language being used about black people living in inner cities who get shot walking to the grocery story…its a whole different level of what I’ve seen in my lifetime.

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One thought on “Judith Browne Dianis Talks Donald Trump & Alleged Voter Fraud

  1. what now, on said:

    Voter fraud,im a big time Hilary supporter,its seems strange you can register to vote three times and still get to the polls for early voting and you are told your voting registration has been cancelled,this happened to me last week in gwinnett county Georgia,when I updated my drivers license I registered,then at two different libraries again I reregistered to vote,they showed me the only address on file was when I moved to florida,in late 2012,ive since returned in late 2014,i have no criminal history,no moving violations,whos at fault if I been back in Georgia since 2014,and registered three times,anybody got a answere.

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