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A 53-year-old Ohio woman was brutally murdered by a man who caused a car accident with her vehicle in the Cleveland area Saturday, according to multiple reports.

Deborah Pearl, a mother and employee of a Cleveland Area Harley Davidson diner, was reportedly shot by Matthew Ryan Desha, a 29-year-old man toting a high-powered assault rifle, who police say killed her after hitting her with his jeep.

Shortly after 7:20 a.m., Pearl was headed to work when Desha reportedly ran a red light at an intersection and hit her car, flipping his vehicle multiple times in the process. Afterward, Pearl is said to have stepped out of her car to assess the damage, at which time he grabbed his high-powered assault rifle and shot at her at least 12 times, reports say.

According to the NY Daily News, she could be heard screaming on 911 call tapes. Witness testimony revealed that she had her hands up in the air as the man approached her before killing her.

“I can’t get her screams out of my head,” the unnamed witness was quoted as saying.

Pearl leaves behind three children, along with grandchildren and a longtime boyfriend.

“Word’s can’t explain what we’re going through,” Pearl’s son Derryo Pearl told “This is the roughest patch a human being can go through. I’ve gone through tough times before, but it wasn’t like this.”

Desha was arrested near the scene and was charged with her murder Monday. While no official motive has been released, the implications of the crime are hard to ignore.

Desha had been arrested just weeks before for carrying a concealed weapon. Before that, he had been arrested on the same charge in May, along with carrying drug paraphernalia, Cleveland 19 News reporter Denise Zarrella tweeted. According to reports, he was trained by the military and suffered from PTSD.

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13 thoughts on “Ohio Man Shoots Woman To Death After Hitting Her Car

  1. When white people kill a innocent, they are considered to have a problem! But when a black kills some one they pull up every bad thing him and his family ever don since slavery!! Fuck white people and everything they stand for! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🔫👮🏻🔫

    • Sir Lawrence on said:

      RENO, there are a lot of facts missing or unknown at this point. But, as written, if this guy ran a light, slammed her, and emerged with guns blazing, then he should be punished to the full extent of the law. I will never defend anyone based on race, religion, etc. If they done wrong, they need to pay. I also don’t subscribe to No Snitchin’ or I didn’t see nuffin, as many of the minority neighborhoods do.
      What is missing or suspect in this story? A black woman calmly getting out of her car to assess damage? Black women are known to be the loudest and most violent people on the face of this earth, Not saying they all are, but many, if not most. Likely this woman jumped out with gums flapping….”my Altima 2.5, I just made my last payment, I gonna sue your azz, Honkey byotch . Does not justify the gun, but it puts in in perspective. I’m sorry, but I give no credibility to eyewitnesses, especially when they say they saw “Hands Up”.
      Tragic loss, this man deserves to be put away, unless she pulled a gun first. Then the dialog changes. He looks psycho and it looks bad for him, but we don’t convict people curbside, that’s what courts are for.

  2. specialt757 on said:

    Damn he even looks demented. I say a public firing squad, no less, today, not tomorrow, not after a hearing, but immediately! Good thing I aint in control.


    and this is why we need tougher gun laws.. we do not need the hatred of one said trump. spouting his hatred will lead to more of this same behavior.

  4. Mickey on said:

    Unfortunately this is another sign of the times we are living in. When you have potential leaders preaching hatred, racism, bigotry, alienation, and anything else you can think of that divides people because of their race, religion, background, etc., this is what you get. It’s a sad reality but this is what the world has come to. Only faith in Jehovah God our Creator will sustain us.

    • It’s not just potential leaders screaming hatred, racism, bigotry, alienation and anything else you can think of that divides people. Look around. As a matter of fact, you need look no further than the racist, divisive, hateful and bigoted post pounded out by reflections.

      • Mickey on said:

        And your are 100% accurate. You don’t fight fire with fire. Hatred does not conquer hatred.

  5. stephanie jones on said:

    Put the rabid savage out of his misery along with that bastard that killed those 2 Nuns in Mississippi. Skip the trial and put them down like rabid dogs.

  6. reflections on said:

    The local media Cleveland.Com is already begining to write positive stories & excuses about the white killer. This was clearly a hate crime but the media is going with the mentally ill routine used exclusively for white killers.

    • Stop with the racist ranting. A woman is dead. If the shooter had been black, she’d still be just as dead. Who cares what the press is writing? Just stop. Fervent prayers for strength and faith for Ms. Pearl’s family and friends. R.I.P. Ms. Pearl.

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