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Police say they have questions after a Black Indianapolis man was shot by police in the driveway of his home, The Indianapolis Star reports.

Due to department protocol, the Indianapolis Internal Affairs Unit and the Critical Incident Response Team have launched two separate investigations into the shooting, and the officer involved has been placed on administrative leave during the investigation’s duration.

Forty-eight-year-old Carl Williams sustained a gunshot to the stomach and is expected to survive. Everything began Tuesday when Williams made a frantic call to police at 4:34 a.m. pleading for help after his wife said she was robbed by gunpoint where her car keys were stolen.

While Williams was on the phone, officers were dispatched to his home according to WRTV who obtained the call recording. The call was frantic as Williams worked to calm his wife to relay the necessary information to the dispatcher.

Williams can be heard repeating, “It’s Ok, It’s Ok” to his emotional wife. Williams described the suspect as a Black man, wearing a red shirt and wearing a rifle.

The dispatcher told officers that the suspect in question was last seen in a black car at the home. At the end of the call, Williams can be heard saying, “Is that him?,” as the call abruptly ends. The Star reports dispatchers attempted to reconnect but were unsuccessful.

Officers say when they arrived, they saw a black car parked in the driveway with the lights on and contend they were unaware that was the actual car in question. Police then took cover and ran the license plates through their system.

As they prepared to approach the garage door opened and Williams walked outside with a gun, police say. An officer fired one shot once in the stomach. Officer Christopher Mills, a nine-year veteran, was eventually identified as the officer who shot Williams.

According to the Indianapolis Police Department, they approached the scene without sirens and their guns drawn. Investigators are unsure if any words were exchanged between Williams and the responding officers.

According to The Star, a handgun belonging to Williams was recovered from the home, but there was no indication that Williams raised his gun, fired at officers or brandished it in a threatening way.

SOURCES: The Indianapolis StarWRTV | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty



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3 thoughts on “Indiana Cops Shoot Black Man In His Driveway After He Dials 911

  1. EMaza on said:

    Why?! Why?! Why?! Why as a Black the cops and come out with a gun?!? Why?!?! They should have just waited until the next day and just gone to the precinct and filed a report.They wouldn’t have given a damn either way…black on black crime..but they would at least have a record of it. Its a bloody miracle he survived..I pray he makes a full recovery.

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