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Hillary Rodham Clinton

NEW YORK (AP) — Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her running mate, Tim Kaine, will not campaign or run ads on Sept. 11.

A campaign official has confirmed that Clinton will refrain from stumping on the 15th anniversary of the terror attacks.

A national nonprofit named 9/11 Day sent letters this week to presidential candidates, asking them to stop their public political activities that day. It wants to instead focus the day on service and remembrance.

In addition, 9/11 Day is urging people running for Congress to refrain from campaigning.

The nonprofit’s president and co-founder, David Paine, says a one-day campaign moratorium would help revive the spirit of national unity and empathy that followed the attacks.

A spokeswoman for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment Thursday.

14 Years Later We Still Remember The Lives Lost On September 11th
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3 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Agrees To Not Campaign Or Run Ads On 9/11

  1. I will truly be glad when this years presidential election is over.
    I’m so tired of both Hillary and Chump. Neither is a good candidate for the WH.

    CHUMP is a RACIST loose cannon-with no poise or finesse and most definitely no TACT or DIPLOMACY–it has to be his way or no way-plus he is Hell bent on REVENGE.

    We will have to hold our noses as we close the curtain and press those buttons on 11/08/16–
    because BOTH OF THEM STINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. A vote for Hillary is a vote to protect politicians of corruption, greed, deceit and lies, there is pact between both houses dems & reps that has been in effect for decades to maintain power and control over the American people, Hillary will maintain that pact, she will protect the greed and wrong doings of politicians, they do there daily business but at the end of the day they become bosom buddies. Hillary cannot and can never be trusted.

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