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A woman in India, Dajinder Kaur, has given birth to her son, Aman Singh.

The new, first-time mom puts her age at about 70, but the clinic where she gave birth released a statement that says she’s 72.

What’s a couple of years?  At the sprightly young age of 70-something, Kaur has become a first time mom with her husband of 46 years, 79-year-old Mohinder Singh.

You’ll be as shocked to learn that the gushing new parents conceived little Arman via in-vitro fertilization. They decided to go through fertility treatment over a year ago.

Doctors initially told Kaur that she was too old to conceive, in-vitro or not. Relatives suggested that the cost of the treatment — close to $15,000 — would be better spent adopting one of the many children worldwide who are in need of loving parents.

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8 thoughts on “72-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To First Child — And Is Breastfeeding

  1. Khmboo on said:

    I just hope and pray the child is healthy, and the parents have thought long term for God Parents and a Will. God gave them what they were praying for…

  2. A world where everybody only thinks of themselves and what they want. Not the effect their selfishness will have on the people they involve in their foolishness. Poor baby will be 10 years old with an 82-year old mother and an 89 year old father – if they live that long. They both need their old dusty asses kicked.

    • Amber on said:

      well, people in their 20′, 30’s, etc are dying young and leaving kids. Again, people are not like what they use to be. At one time in our society, waiting to have a baby at 25 or 30 was looked upon in the same way of waiting too long, but now, 25 to 30 is the norm. The bottom like, if a woman can carry the baby and be ok, so be it. We have allowed just about everything else to be ok, why not this now?

      • See Amber, that’s the problem. It seems that is exactly what Ma and Pa Kettle were thinking. If I can have a baby and be ok, then so be it. But what about the child? No one with more than two working brain cells would think it’s ok to bring a child into the world, knowing that they more than likely won’t be able to care for it in 10 or fifteen years. Hopefully there are relatives willing to take over when they are no longer have the energy and stamina needed to raise a toddler, adolescent and finally a teenager. It is definitely a me, me, me society we live in.

      • Amber on said:

        Well, sign of the times and there is nothing you can do about it. We have become to tolerate everything else from people not wanting to be of a certain skin color to Kathlyn Jenners and now this. This is what we get when you live in a FREE THINKING society. Free to do whatever we want even if others do not agree.

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