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A few years ago, my friend Makkie encouraged me to try an oil rinse on my hair. I don’t remember anything working as well with so little time and effort.  There was a noticeable difference after trying it only once!

By no means were my results the exception to the rule. Several vloggers have shared their methods and impressive results enthusiastically. On her blog Quest for the Perfect Curl and YouTube channel of the same name, Elle has posted about her experience with oil rinsing.

She graciously shared her knowledge with

1. What hair type responds most favorably to oil rinsing?

I think that any type of hair can respond well to oil rinsing. It’s especially helpful if your hair is prone to frizz or if you have high porosity hair that has difficulty holding onto moisture.

2. What benefits have you noticed in your hair?

Oil rinsing is great for reducing friction between strands, which results in less single strand knots, breakage and shedding. Ultimately, it supports length retention. It also eases detangling and can reduce frizz.

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