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Roland Martin delivers an impassioned commentary about the current presidential race including Bernie Sanders‘ last-minute appeal  to the black community and Donald Trump‘s interesting relationship with the Republican party.

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13 thoughts on “Roland Martin: Donald Trump Appeals to ‘Low Knowledge Voters’ [LISTEN]

  1. Roland your segment was RIGHT ON POINT this morning. That’s why I wish Michael Baisden was still on the radio bc he has the dynamic personally, and drive to get people to REGISTER & VOTE.

    • specialt757 on said:

      True and true, love Roland in the mornings, and miss MB in the afternoons, I’m sorry he just disappeared, I hope he’s doing okay.

    • Nancy: Yes he could. I could care less that Trump is running as a Republican. That’s his prerogative. I don’t want a BULLY for a President.

  2. The Republican party have a history of hate talk. And the Republican establishment like the BUSHES did not step up to squash it. Now the Republican establishment is paying the price. Trump talk about making America great again is code for making America white again. He intends to dismiss the constitution as he expels people of color.
    What white America does not realize is that rich men like Trump has already sold America out to foreign interests in the Middle East and China.

  3. NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN: Donald Trump & the people who support him are sick, tired & fed-up with their Political Leaders IMPOTENT leadership to the benefit of Illegal Immigrants [$200 Billion Yearly], which covers free medical, food stamps, education to illegal immigrants, while they, being Natural-Born-American-Citizens, are denied the previous. Those who support the New-Sheriff-In-Town are on the brink of REVOLT to be taken seriously because they see they have all-but-lost the Country to Illegal Immigrants.

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