We always teach our children to shoot for the moon, right? To not only do their very best, but that nothing can stop them from accomplishing their goals. Well, for 7-year-old Nylah Missouri, she takes that to heart.

She wanted to talk to the leader of the free world, President Obama, and didn’t think twice about it.

So, one night in December she told her mom she’d write a letter.

“I handed her a pen and a paper — that was it,” Nylah’s mom, Traneil Missouri tells TV station, KCRA.

Nylah knew it was probably a long shot asking President Barack Obama and the First Family – including the first dogs — for dinner. She didn’t hear anything back for over two months, then something beautiful happened.

Nylah finally received a reply, as well as signed photographs from Barack and Michelle Obama.

In the letter, President Obama thanked Nylah for writing and said there’s no limits to what she can achieve. The signed letter addressed from the White House didn’t directly respond to Nylah’s questions or invite. But, the gesture was not missed by the 7-year-old girl.

“I think I’m gonna frame them and then put it up on the top of my shelf because it’s really special,” Nylah said.

The soon to be 8-year-old girl is already thinking about a bid for the White House.

“When I retire from being a pediatrician — helping all those friends and families — probably when I retire, I’ll probably win,” Nylah said.

President Barack Obama requested in his first week as president to see 10 letters from Americans every day. Mike Kelleher, director of the Office of Presidential Correspondence, said the president receives about 65,000 paper letters every week and about 100,000 e-mails, 1,000 faxes and 2,500 to 3,500 phone calls per day.

“These letters, I think, do more to keep me in touch with what’s happening around the country than just about anything else. Some of them are funny; some of them are angry; a lot of them are frustrated or sad about their current situation,” Obama said in an “Inside the White House” video at WhiteHouse.gov that shows the process the letters go through before reaching the Oval Office. The president responds by hand to about three to four per night, on average, according to the White House.

Nylah was one of the lucky ones.

As a pediatrician, Nylah would have to complete four years at a university. Upon completion, she’d have to move on to…

7-Year-Old Gets Letter From President Obama; Plans Her Presidency After Retirement  was originally published on blackdoctor.org

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