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Raven-Symoné or Kendall Jenner? Who’s the bigger star?

Apparently, that question got answered in the worst way for Symoné, who ended up literally and physically taking a backseat to Jenner.

Needless to say Miss Raven didn’t take kindly to what happened and put the incident on blast on “The View.” According to the former “Cosby Show” star, she was being interviewed at the New York premiere of Ben Stiller’s new film “Zoolander 2” when a producer physically shoved her out of the way to make room for Kendall Jenner.

“I understand that there’s rise and fall of people’s celebrity,” Symoné explained. “I get it and I respect people that get it, HOWEVER, I’m doing an interview with someone and the producer of this show goes like this, ‘Move! Move! Get Kendall! Get out of the way!”

Despite the producer’s rudeness, Symoné ended up staying positive as she shared some advice on what that person could’ve done to smooth things over to avoid handing out disrespect.

“You could have kindly [said], ‘Excuse me. Kendall Jenner is coming. I need to interview her,’ and I [would] wait, but don’t slap me upside the chest … I got hit twice,” said Symoné.

However, new video shows that Raven-Symonè was quite as manhandled as she described, although what happened WAS pretty rude.

Meanwhile, “The View” the co-host also had some thoughts Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ video that are raising eyebrows, too:

“The new video from Beyonce is hilarious and amazing, and all the Beyhives will be coming for me, but I miss Beyonce singing a ballad in a dress. I miss that girl singing. I’ve seen you dance, I miss you. Where’s the ‘Me, Myself and I?’”

To see Raven-Symoné’s recap of being sidestepped in favor of Kendall Jenner, check out the video:

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24 thoughts on “UPDATE: Footage Shows Raven-Symoné Wasn’t Shoved To Make Room For Kendall Jenner (But It Was Still Rude!) [WATCH]

  1. Now you see white America don’t give a damn about you and others like you who only want to be black when needed don’t feel sorry for you

  2. Although she doesn’t want to be called African-American or Black, she was certainly treated as such that day. Wake up boo-boo! I did here someone say Thank You Raven but that was still so disrespectful! She was doing and interview too!

  3. She, like Stacey D are trying to keep their brand (name) relevant, because they know Hollywood is fickle, and your either on top or on the bottom. There is no in-between, and what’s sad is Kendall Jenner, isn’t a super-model, or a TV personality, as they label her. She’s just the kid sister of the girl who got rich and famous from a sex tape, and who’s dad is Caitlyn Jenner, aka. Bruce Jenner, who’s in transition of trying to become a woman, lol. So that should tell Raven, who’s really important, and yeah…she was definitely handle her N*g*er wake-up card, lol. Guess that education didn’t do much for her after the Cosby Show huh?

  4. Honestly on said:

    She had her Paul Mooney moment, “the n!@@er wake up call”. She said she wasn’t black, so stop whining raven it was just a misunderstanding.

  5. Elizabeth on said:

    Raven, you best recognize! You are black and not the cute little kid anymore. You will get cast aside and overlooked every time.

  6. So all the ‘I am an individual, I am a smarter, a more cleverer black’ is not making her more memorable or relevant, oh dear, she will have to shuffle harder.

  7. Well she may tell herself that she’s Not African-American, but the folks in Hollywood sure is going to remind her ass whether she like it or not!

    • straightnochaser on said:

      She should go and have a word with Tiger Woods. His ‘cablanasian’ azz got that n****r wake up call, and they still got him on the line. His game hasn’t been right since his wife went ham on him. Louis Farrakhan warned him years ago that no mater what he calls himself, at some point he would be reminded just how Black he is. Sorry, Raven. You too have been dismissed!

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