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There is something about unapologetic, resilient women that is incredibly sexy.

Amber Rose is one of those women.

The model and author of How To Be A Bad Bitch was featured in Time Magazine today for an essay she wrote explaining how she’s come to stop caring about other people’s opinion of her life and background as an exotic dancer. The post appears to be a response to the Twitter argument that occurred yesterday between her ex-husband, Wiz Khalifa and former boyfriend, Kanye West. Although the argument was centered on Wiz’s critiques of Kanye’s style and his upcoming album title, Kanye quickly exploded with petty, low-blow attacks at Wiz for his past marriage to Amber, a former stripper, and the young child that they have together.

I don’t have to explain to you why Kanye looked like a total cornball and hypocrite for this, considering that he wrote an entire album based on his own love for and relationship with Amber only six years ago. More than that, Kanye’s current wife built her entire career (and the careers of her entire family) off of an amateur sex tape with one of the most irrelevant rappers of all time. As Kanye was throwing shade at Wiz, we were literally watching the pot call the kettle black. Kanye could have easily been the father of Amber’s children today under different circumstances.

But there’s also something simply disgusting about Kanye’s instinct to throw Amber, an innocent woman, under the bus in an argument that has nothing to do with her. He pretty much used her mere existence to insult another man who has been just as misogynistic and disgusting towards Rose. Maybe Kanye won’t understand the gravity of his outlandish and crude behavior until his precious North West turns 18 and starts dealing with misogyny from other men in the most intimate parts of her life. It’s a shame that it might take that much for a man to understand why he can’t and shouldn’t mistreat women, but only time will tell on that regard.

I’m not going to front—the Twitter beef was funny and over the top. But it stung to see that Kanye so quickly try to shame Rose for her past as a stripper (something that she has nothing to be ashamed about) in an ultimate effort to humiliate Wiz for his involvement with her.

In other words, it wasn’t enough for Kanye to oppress Amber. He had to use her as a tool in her own oppression, too.

When Amber first came out on the scene, I wasn’t really checking for her. I was too young to care and I didn’t become woke as a feminist until my college years around the time Kanye had released his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album.

These days, however, I can’t get enough of Amber. I died laughing when she clapped back at Kanye with “#FingersInTheBootyAssBitch” yesterday. Even though I’m not here for the SlutWalk movement, I’m thoroughly impressed with the way Amber has used her platform for women’s rights and sex positivity—especially for marginalized groups like women of color and sex workers that need that kind of support and visibility the most. You can call her a thot all you want to, but there’s no denying that this chick has really blazed a path for herself that is completely unlike anything we’ve seen before.

I read the Time Magazine article and I’m all the way here for it. Yes, I got a little salty when I saw a celebrity who doesn’t write prose for a living get published in a high-profile publication where I would kill for a byline.

But that’s besides the point.

The point is that Rose stepped up and wrote all the things that slut-shamers need to hear. Things like:

I can’t talk to everyone and tell them who I really am. They’re still going to have their own opinions…This is my life. This is about me. If you don’t like it, I don’t care.


When you really stop caring about what people say, that’s when you really start living.


[I]t’s O.K. to live your life how you want to live it. We’re all human, which means we’re not all perfect.

and finally,

I want to help women just be happy in their own skin.

You don’t have to like Amber Rose as much as I do. Still, you definitely have to give her props for speaking up for herself in a world where the very people who claimed to love her are now intent on making her feel bad for being a human with her own story and her own perspectives on what it means to be happy.

I don’t know a lot of strippers or social media stars in my personal life, but I know a lot of women that have been dragged through the mud by fuckboys just like Amber has. For that, I’ll probably always be in this bad bitch’s corner.

Still haven’t read her essay yet? Read Amber’s whole piece here at Time. 

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