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Some random fool tried to grab the mic during an acceptance speech by the ladies of The Talk Wednesday night at the People’s Choice Awards, and Sheryl Underwood wasn’t having it.

“Un-unh, un-unh!” she said as the man came toward them after somehow making his way to the stage at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. The Talk co-host Sara Gilbert was in the midst of thanking people for their Favorite Daytime TV Hosting Team award when audience member Zacari Nicasio grabbed the mic and yelled, “Yeezy jumped over the Jumpman.”

Underwood and co-host Sharon Osbourne sprung into action, while Julie Chen and Aisha Tyler just stood there.

“You’re not going to pull no Steve Harvey up in here,” Underwood declared (perhaps meaning to reference “Kanye West”) while Osbourne kicked Nicasio. Without missing a beat, Underwood continued: “Not here, not here. Back to your speech, girl. …Security!”

After the man had been dealt with, Gilbert finished her speech. “Anyway, we just want to say we don’t see any division between us and you,” she concluded. “We feel you are so much a part of our show. We want to share this award with you and we’ll keep the trophy, but in spirit, we share with you, and we are tremendously grateful. Thank you so much.”

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, LAPD officers handcuffed Nicasio inside the venue before releasing him shortly after. He told THR afterward that he stormed the stage “to tell everybody who I was.”

“I had to shout out who I look up to: Kanye West and Kevin Gates,” he said. “I came here to do this tonight. I could honestly care less about what was going to happen.”

Nicasio also revealed that he’s crashed high-profile parties before, including Kris Jenner’s 60th birthday party, in an attempt to make a name for himself in Hollywood.

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