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10-year-old child actor Miles Brown has partnered with Sleep Number for their #CommitToSleep campaign, which aims to improve America’s quality of sleep, especially in children. According to Huff Post, the company conducted a national survey which revealed that nearly 70% of kids have trouble sleeping, an issue that leads to problems in school with both learning and behavioral development.

“Black-ish” star Brown credits a Sleep Number bed with helping him maintain a normal and healthy sleep cycle, saying: ”A long time ago I wasn’t getting that good of sleep, and sometimes it could affect the way I am in the daytime,” Brown told The Huffington Post. “But now I get really good sleep, so that I can make it through the day.”

He also says that a good night’s sleep helps him maintain energy and an upbeat attitude on set. “I’m always hyper and that’s because I get lots of sleep,” he said.

Miles offers some important tips for kids to make time for sleep, “I put away my iPad an hour before bedtime, [and] don’t play any video games before bedtime,” Brown said. “I also read a book.”

His kids campaign PSA includes a scientific explanation about the effects lack of sleep can have on the body and overall mental well-being.

Experts suggest parents implement age-appropriate bedtime routines with kids and stick to them even on weekends. Other tips from Sleep Number include:

Regular daily outdoor exercise activities promote better sleep, but avoid rigorous activities within 4 hours of bedtime.

Heavy meals too close to bedtime may interfere with sleep. So might hunger, so a light snack before bedtime may help.

Make sleep a family priority; parents should set good examples.

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