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LOS ANGELES (AP) — CeeLo Green says he has grown personally and professionally and wants to return to “The Voice.”

“I’ve talked very possibly about doing ‘The Voice’ again,” Green said in an interview Wednesday. “So I just kind of put that out there, wishful thinking, kind of willing it. Because I would love to do it again.”

An original coach when the show premiered in 2011, Green left last year after facing charges in a felony drug case. He pleaded no contest to giving a woman ecstasy at a 2012 dinner and recently completed his sentenced community service. He remains on probation.

After entering the plea, Green posted a series of messages on Twitter, including one that read: “Women who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!” He later posted an apology, but the statements led to the cancellation of a reality show and several concert appearances.

“It was a very redefining moment in my personal and professional life,” Green said. “I get in front of my creator, humbled, and I ask, ‘What does this mean? What is this supposed to mean for me? What am I supposed to learn from it?’ And (to) have that revealed and have it bestowed upon me is a blessing, of sorts.”

“I feel really strong and really confident about this album and going forward,” he continued. “And I’m so grateful that you yourself, and everyone who just may happen to witness this particular interview, have my deepest, sincerest apologies for any inconvenience, any ignorance, any ill will, anything. I’m just glad that it’s behind me now. I’m so glad for it.”

While he is hoping for a return to TV, Green said his first priority is to “reacquaint with the music community and say, ‘I belong to you.’ ” He said he channeled the emotions he experienced with his legal and personal struggles into his new album, “Heart Blanche,” due Nov. 6.

“I’m glad and very fortunate for yet another opportunity to be myself and be creative, and be embraced unconditionally by so many loving people,” he said. “You’re going to hear a revelation, an epiphany of new understanding and a new lease on life, personally and professionally, on this album.”

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2 thoughts on “CeeLo Green Apologizes, Wants To Return To ‘The Voice’

  1. I hope he can return to The Voice and Christina too. Once they start replacing the original judges, I lost interest and stopped watching. I absolutely hated when Usher was aa judge. Bring back the original judges please!

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