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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss has been showing off her baby bump a lot lately on social media, with the Grammy-winning musician most recently sharing a pic of her growing bump and noting how all her weight gain is in her boobs and belly.


Hip Hollywood caught up with the six months pregnant reality TV star and the hot topic was not her forthcoming bundle of joy, but rather the recent on-set altercation between co-stars Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey.

“It wasn’t even initially them arguing,” revealed Kandi. “The best way I can describe it is … you know the year that me, Cynthia, Peter [Thomas] and Todd [Tucker] almost got into it … like the arguing didn’t’ even start with us … and then all of the sudden that negative energy was transferred … I feel like it was similar to that where other people who were going back and forth, and [the energy] transferred and then they started having words.”

“Cynthia said she felted threatened,” added Burruss, before bursting into laughter.

As previously reported, Bailey kicked Porsha in the stomach while filming the upcoming season 8 of the hit Bravo series on a boat. Sources told TMZ that Williams called Bailey a “b*tch,” and when Cynthia attempted to distance herself, Williams followed her and tried to resolve the issue, but as E! News reported, Bailey snapped and kick Williams in the stomach while wearing high heels. Producers intervened before Williams could react and restrained her. She was taken to the hospital and given pain meds – later revealing she had no plans to press charges against Bailey.

“There will be no charges pressed as both ladies just want to put this past them and move on,” a source told People. “It was an unfortunate situation that escalated. Neither one is proud of what happened.”

Bailey has yet to comment on the incident, but Williams has addressed the fight in several interviews, including “Gary with da Tea of Dish Nation,” and “The Tom Joyner Morning Show,” in which she appeared to have moved on from the incident by making light of it, saying:

“We’re still filming so I can’t really go into detail about what happened,” Porsha said. “I would love to dish with y’all and tell y’all everything. But you will have to invite me back in the fall, and I promise you my gut will have the same feeling I’m having now.”

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(Photo Source: Kandi Burruss Instagram)

4 thoughts on “Kandi Burruss Says Cynthia and Porsha Fight ‘Is Good TV’

  1. Monica on said:

    I remember when Black people used to care about how they were being represented on television. Now no one seems to give a sh&&t. So as long as people keep watching and keeping the ratings up they are going to continue looking ignorant. And we wonder why other races think we are a violent race. All we do is fight each other.

  2. IanRousseault on said:

    Yeah if you’re a ghetto hood rat, inner city fucking ass coon buffoon N word! There is nothing good about this RHOA bullshit!

  3. Kandi probably instigated it…we know how she likes to straddle the fence and jump off to the side when the dirt starts flying. Porsha is a thirsty attention hungry thot who probably went on the boat looking for someone to challenge. She couldn’t hit Kandi because she’s pregnant, Kenda because she will ‘hit back’ now that you won’t get in trouble, Sheree – have you seen her arms…she’ll get a major beatdown, NeNe – since she bounced, Phadrae – since she’s one of the only ones left for her to film with….so that left Cynthia, who she thought was ‘scary’…Cynthia ‘checked her’ bigtime…hahahhaha

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