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While it shouldn’t be an issue, black women rocking their natural hair in the workplace is still a hot button topic. So what happens when you have a career in front of the camera and the higher ups are thoroughly involved in your appearance, down to your hair?

North Carolina’s WNCT news anchor Angela Green posted a hair-raising video on her Facebook page discussing natural hair at work. The station’s intern, Madison wears her hair in its natural state and Green, who is also natural, pointed out that she wears her curly hair straight because her bosses prefer it that way.

Watch the video below.

Should the intern have to straighten her hair?

Stars Rocking Their Natural Hair
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(Photo/Video Source: WNCT Angela Green Facebook)

27 thoughts on “Weigh In: News Anchor Questions Natural Hair In The Work Place [WATCH]

  1. Kenneth Wells on said:

    I look at it from two aspects. First, the intern has to realize that the station has a dress code, and she has to follow that dress code. She knows not to wear torn jeans, or outfits that reveal way too much of her. She also knows part of that dress code has to do with her hair. However, since she keeps her hair neat and stylish, her hair should pose no problem to the dress code. Her hair is a statement of how she feels about herself. I say let her keep the style!

  2. jbernard on said:

    If employers asked white women (and men) to alter their hair for arbitrary reasons the case would go to the Supreme Court. It is out and out discrimination and we as black women must stand up and continue to fight. As for the on air appearance of the women in the video, they are both beautiful and that is all that has to be said.

  3. specialt757 on said:

    @ keantrel
    It’s just amazes me how people always want what they want, but are not willing to comply with what others want or require. As I started my comment, the issue of hair has gotten out of hand and is so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. If you want to wear your hair natural, straight, pink, or with helicopter flying from it, do it, no one is stopping you. Please believe I’m far from what’s wrong with the work force today, laziness and “it’s all about me” attitudes are just to name a couple. You have your opinion as do I.

  4. That girl has the most gorgeous hair and she should not be made to straighten it if she does not want to …..its that simple…..we are constsntly told that what is in our brain is what matters….if she had dirty unkempt hair i could understand. But she is beautiful and so is that hair she is no doubt smart which is why she was chosen. …..I say tell those balding old idiots who are supposedly saying this is what the viewers want to do more research across a larger and integrated demographic before sounding off their dumb preferences based on what THEY think what WE need to see…..its clear that they are going by what they want or the demographic of people they choose to find results from is extreemly limited……..l
    ike their very own mindset !!!!…..idiots !!

  5. keantrel on said:

    I don’t think that she should straighten her hair…a hair style of any nature is just a further expression of how the my are feeling. For her too be denied the right to be natural is like someone denying them the right to tan their skin…think about it…they wear spray tans and makeup on the air to enhance,so they say, their appearance. That has no baring on her skill. She should be allowed to be her and then maybe one day you would be able to allow yourself to be yourself. Not what they want you to be. #changefornoone

  6. No, the intern should not have to altered her hair (straighten) the only change and that a maybe as someone else suggested put it in a bun or pony tail and that would be if the intern wants to change her style. Nothing is said when white women strolls to their beautician to get their hair kinky attempting to be like us.

    • cibinathat on said:

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  7. specialt757 on said:

    We live in a world today with different types of business, like the online, such as Google, Facebook, etc… where the climate is totally different than in the “customary” type business, like a news outlet where professionalism in the manner of dress and style is important. I love to see women of color with natural hair styles, and don’t see why, as long as done tastefully and not over-the-top ridiculous, it would be a distraction. When I go into a business like a tattoo parlor, and don’t see someone with a body full of tattoos they look out of place. So there is an environment for all kinds of styles in today’s businesses, but if you want to work in a particular business, you could either do one of two things, conform or create or start your own business. It would be no different than to come into someone’s home that don’t allow smoking as their rule and light up a cigarette.

  8. Black people should not have to “cowtow” to everything that is not pleasing in the sight of white people! They do no such things for black people! I was taught that respect goes both ways…Every culture has their beliefs, (hair included)!

    • Sadly Liz that is why your business will never succeed….or grow exponentially beyond the confines you have for it……because a hairstyle, color or even tatooes including the color of a person’s skin does not define the capabilities and opportunites that person could add to the success of your business, Limited minded people have Limited success in life……repeat after me Liz !!!!
      Again Lizzy its your Loss !!

  9. Timekeeeper on said:

    My advice would not be for Madison. It would be for Angela. She feels women should simply change to please their employer. She sounds like a real negro! And yes, whatever you think I mean by that. While we all ought to be respectful going to work, simply conforming beucase certain folks are uncomfortable, really. The best episode I ever saw on “Living Single” was when Kyle had to tell some no account buppie to step off for the very same think.

  10. What did she look like when she interviewed for the internship? I find it interesting that we will straighten, or do whatever to our hair and wear the suit that will help get us the job, but once we get the job we think we can come to work any kind of way. We should understand the employer and the culture we’re working in. If they give us a uniform, we wear it. If they tell us to answer the phone in a certain tone, we do it. When you’re in television, you represent a brand – either your’s or someone else’s. I think the bottom line is, we don’t like white people telling us how to wear our black hair. You can always go into business for yourself.

  11. Natural hair should not have to be altered via heat or chemicals to please an employer, however if they feel that it may be distraction she could pull it back in a bun or updo for a professional look.

  12. specialt757 on said:

    I think the “hair” issue among people of color in America has gotten out of hand. I will say this tho, as a business owner, I set the dress and style codes at my establishment. It would be no different than enforcing restrictions on how I want my employees to be portrayed by external customers. If I had a male working in my establishment and he chose and insisted on wearing lipstick and high heel shoes just because he has the freedom to express himself (which I don’t disagree), he would no longer be my employee. Some hairstyles I’ve seen on women of color are over the top and not professional in anyway and when I look at them, I’m embarrassed for them. You cannot work at my establishment, with pink, green, orange, or blue hair, I’m sorry. I know my views are not popular but I don’t have to kiss anyone’s ass or be politically correct, I just have to be honest.

    • straightnochaser on said:

      Pink, green, and blue hair are an option. Being born with textured, curly hair is not. The question is why are BOTH black and white people afraid of hair that’s not chemically altered or heat straightened? I wear my hair natural, and I am not about to damage it with heat and chemicals just to please a bunch of people who will never accept me the way I am anyway.

    • keantrel on said:

      Whatever choices that they have on color, curly or even dread locks….that is of their right. How is it that you wouldn’t hire or even give that person the right to show you that they could more likely be a asset to your business. The color or texture of their hair doesn’t imitate the skills that they have to offer. You are what’s wrong with the work force today. That just means that these same people can give you their money and you would gladly except it might I add….but you cant give them.the benefit of the doubt that they have something more to offer than their money….smh…sad

    • Amen to that!! People even sending their kids to school with this stupid pink, green, red colors of benetton in their hair. It’s unprofessional to me!!!

  13. Women of color should not have to alter the style or texture of their hair to please the insecure White establishment.

    Natural hair be it a fro, locks or whatever should be worn PROUDLY!!!!!
    Our hair styles have no bearing on our job performance or experience!!!!!!!

    • straightnochaser on said:

      Thank you! I have been on my job nearly seven years. My hair was natural when I interviewed with the company, and was natural during my two promotions.

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