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You won’t have to wait another year for the third season of Being Mary Jane. It’s returning to BET on October 20th with a new 9 p.m. start time. This year’s guest stars include Jill Scott and Loretta Devine. Scott will play Niecy’s mother, and Devine will play a woman who sues Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union) (SPOILER ALERT: if you haven’t seen the Season 2 finale, stop here) after getting into the car accident with her that ended Season 2. (As we obviously figured, Mary Jane survives the crash.) reports: 

The upcoming season will find an injured Mary Jane “sidelined at work when a beautiful young Latina anchor, Marisol, shines as her replacement, while she is out on medical leave,” says BET. Though Mary Jane manages to save her job (whew!), she later embarks on a “life cleanse” that makes her rethink her career path and personal life. And there’s plenty of drama in store for the show’s titular character, teases BET, as a “tragedy in the family will throw her world into chaos once more.”

Season 3 is about new beginnings, putting lessons learned to the test, and of course healing,” creator and showrunner Mara Brock Akil tells EW. “After receiving that phone call from David and getting into a car accident, Mary Jane has no other options but to work on her recovery from the accident, from toxic relationships, and from her self-destructive ways. It’s a season that will remind fans why they fell in love with Mary Jane to begin with. She’s flawed and somewhat broken, but watching her piece her life together is beautiful.”

(Photo: BET)

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One thought on “‘Being Mary Jane’ Returns Oct. 20 With Jill Scott, Loretta Devine As Guest Stars [VIDEO]

  1. hoodtechie on said:

    Ever since the show ended with 2 men in bed together holding each other after sex(sic) that show lost me as a viewer. Some things are not meant to be shown on TV. And that was the last straw. Our morals as a country have taken a nosedive for the worst and god will make us pay dearly. Good luck Mary Jane, this is one male fan you have permanently lost.

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