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Nude fashion is kind of a big thing, but it’s generally not a look that translates well for Black women because we are clearly not the target demographic.

We love a nude heel! We love it even more if it actually comes close to matching our skin tone. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find that outside of the Louboutin collection. Sadly, this is not an issue reserved for the shoe department. It’s the same across clothing and cosmetic brands.

Buzzfeed called attention to the problem with a new video, where several staffers tried out nude clothes and makeup. Overall, the reactions are hilarious and the girls did like some of the things they tried on. The general consensus, though, was that the various shades of nude left them feeling like they look ashy.

All jokes aside, it has become painfully obvious that when designers come up with “nude” products, they definitely aren’t thinking about Brown people. Apparently, neither was the Meriam-Webster dictionary! By its definition, nude means “having no clothes on; of or involving people who have no clothes on; having the color of a White person’s skin.”

Catch that shade, just don’t count on it being darker than a paper bag.

However, there is a lingerie line that DOES have ‘nude’ undergarments meant for Black skin. Check out Nubian Skin (pictured) at their official website HERE. 

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8 thoughts on “Black Women Try ‘Nude’ Undergarments, Results Are Hilarious [VIDEO]

  1. Amy Steward on said:

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    This is where to start………. WAGE-REPORT.­Ⅽ­O­Ⅿ

  2. MacBen on said:

    Some black-owned undergarment company should create nudes for black people. Right?? There are HBCU s, blackamericaweb, Miss Black America and NAACP. Why not a black underwear maker? car maker? electronics, computer and phone- since every thing has to be black. Why don’t the Asians and Latinos get some too!?

    • Pallas on said:

      Wac Ben not that you really care, but there are a few black owned undergarment companies that make undergarments for women of color. You really should do your homework before you get on BAW to make your ignorant comments. You must be a really ugly lonely person, and you probably breath hard when you walk..

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