After years of speculation, Allen Iverson is finally addressing rumors going around that he’s broke.

In an interview with “CBS This Morning” on Friday (05-15-15), the former NBA star debunked all the talk, saying that he isn’t hurting financially.

“That’s a myth,” Iverson stated when asked about his alleged money problems. “That’s a rumor.”

“Which part?” asked the interviewer, Gayle King.

“The fact that I’m struggling in any part of my life,” Iverson responded.

The athlete’s comments as Showtime premiered its new documentary “Iverson,” on Saturday (05-16-15). Iverson’s financial situation is among the topics addressed by Iverson himself in the film.

Complex notes that Iverson’s money situation has spawned questions of whether he spent the estimated $200 million he made while he was playing in the NBA on family and friends as well as if he got a pension and trust fund to ensure that he lives the rest of his life comfortably.

To see Iverson’s “CBS This Morning” interview as well as him chatting to Complex about playing football in high school, the way today’s NBA players dress, and his shelved rap album, check out the videos below:

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