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A pub owner in Florida was arrested last week after making racist comments and pointing a gun at a young Black couple, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

The incident between International Drive pub owner Kim Bruns, Kayla Davis, 21, and her boyfriend Darian Elwin, happened last Saturday when the couple arrived at the Orlando pub to celebrate Elwin’s 20th birthday. The couple says they decided to go to the pub after getting an online coupon. After Davis purchased a cocktail, Bruns allegedly greeted them aggressively with a warning to leave the bar.

“As soon as she gave it to me, she said, ‘I’m watching you, and you better not give any drinks to minors,’ Davis said. “It felt weird and racist a little bit.” Davis said that comment and another bar employee asking her whether she was OK bothered Davis enough that she returned the untouched drink and told Bruns she and her boyfriend were leaving. But the bar owner told other customers, “Don’t let that [multiple profanities] leave,” the arrest report states.

Bruns headed to the back of the bar, pulled out a .357-caliber Magnum Colt Python and said, “I will shoot you [niggers],” She also picked up the drink and threw it against the wall, refusing to let the couple leave.

“I’ll shoot you too if I have to. It’s legal,” Bruns said, according to the arrest report. “Call Jesse Jackson, [profanity].”

Police arrived and Bruns was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a firearm. The 51-year-old denied all claims and refused to let officials view any surveillance footage. While she says she never used racial slurs towards the couple, she reportedly told a police officer during her arrest, “I can’t believe you would take those niggers’ side over mine.”

This was Bruns’ 10th arrest in Florida since 1984. Previous arrests included a bar fight, which led to a battery charge.

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SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel |  PHOTO CREDIT: Getty 


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49 thoughts on “Florida Pub Owner Fires Racist Slurs, Threatens Young Black Couple At Gunpoint

  1. Beverly on said:

    Yes what is the name of the bar… That is the mentality of some people that live in this world and have been given the privilege to carry… They do not use reasoning and have alterative motives to want a gun to kill a particular group of people. Self-defense has nothing to do with wanting to carry a gun. God knows their heart and they will have to face HIM one day soon. That is our only true defense against bigots.

  2. MacBen on said:

    Minors are not allowed to even be in bar areas so… the couple was wrong. This story is bs because of that fact. How did the bar keeper know the guy was underage?? Why would she NOT want them to leave?? Why didnt the couple go to a black pub??

  3. Most people that hate are usually jealous and are wondering where they went wrong in their lives and why they are not as content and happy as you are. Hate is all they have left, cant be happy . . . sometimes its a legitimate reason though.

  4. specialt757 on said:

    @ psnthersdec
    I understand where you’re coming from, the only time we seem to get quick results is when we riot and act a fool, when we are calm, cool, and collected we are barely heard or called passive. However, staying cool in the case only makes the bar owner look like the ignorant fool she is. If these young people would have acted a fool, cursed that bitch out, the police would have come and arrested them for disorderly conduct or some other type BS. So in this case I’d have to say kudos to them for that.

  5. We are all of the same race, the human race. Racists are the most ignorant people on the planet. They treat people worse than anything else, they don’t discriminate against black dogs, black suits, black cars…hell tires are black and yet every car has them….it’s not the color they hate, it’s the people and that just screams ignorance.

    • Are you really implying that ONLY blacks are the targets of racists? And HOW is the bartender telling her not to give a drink to a minor “racist”??? This is the problem with blacks. ANYTHING a White person tells them is ‘racist’. Get over it already.

      • Candygirl81 on said:

        So do you think she would have reacted the same if the couple were white. Or any other race. I don’t think so. Sometimes you can see racism without the person screaming N#$#R at you. Then the fact that she grabbed a gun simply because they said they were leaving tells you even more. C’mon man, be for real.

    • Virginia on said:

      WHO are you talking to?? Even if there WERE “another side” to this story, there was NO reason for the proprietor to act like that. From what I surmise from the story, she was making a determination that one or both of the customers were underage. She ask them to leave, BUT, SHE turned it into a racial issue, by calling the couple names. Thus INSURING that the couple would get angry and not leave. Then, rather than calling the police, SHE went and got a 357 magnum and pointed it at the couple. That is why SHE, NOT the couple got arrested.
      Now, can you tell me WHO the racist was in this story, and WHY there should be “another side” when someone points a weapon in your face. The “story” in this case was a hot tempered racist owning a bar AND a gun in the first place. Hopefully, she will be charged with a felony, and not be allowed to own a gun again.

      • I agree. She should be charged with a felony. And with a record like hers, surely she wasn’t licensed to carry. She sounds unbalanced.

      • IF she thought they were both underage why would she serve one a drink and tell her not to give any booze to the minor? And, while we are on that subject, HOW is telling her not to provide alcohol to a minor “racist”?????

      • Eunice on said:

        Get your a$$ off this chat line. If you’ve been boycotting black business’ all your life, then do us a favor and boycott BAW.

  6. Kim said it all I can shoot you its legal blacks need to listen and understand that kind of thinking that’s way no one is charged when a black is killed by a white it is open season and its legal

  7. Stop spending your money in places you are not wanted blacks spend more money than you think hit them in the pocket book that’s what matters to them

    • Raleigh on said:

      Nobody’s listening too you. Blacks for the most part are oblivious to how they are viewed by white people. When the shit hits the fan, you will find out how many white friends you have. Its sad but a lot of blacks think the white man is their friends. What did Tonto tell the Lone Ranger when they were surrounded by 3,000 Indians?

  8. I feel in order for us as blacks to make a difference in the country called America is to open our own businesses and to depend on white establishments. But, they will then start burning and bombing places because they (whites) don’t like what they can’t understand. But, we as blacks hurt our own race because we as a people can’t seem to get alone.

  9. This is another reason why black people should BOYCOTT white-owned businesses. White folks understand when you hit them in the pockets!

    Black people can have their own establishments as they once did; before jealous white came and bombed it all down. “Black Wall Street,” Oklahoma, Rosewood, Florida, and many others that is “kept quiet.”

    • I stay away from any business that does not treat me with respect, no matter what the race of the proprietor. I’ve been treated like crap by black business owners, and by white business owners. I simply stay away from the establishments that don’t welcome me. But what I don’t do is judge all businesses by the actions of a few. If I did that, the only people I would do business with would be Asians.

      • Virginia on said:

        Asians?? Are you kidding?? I’d sure like to know where you live. In many places Asians treat blacks almost WORSE than whites do. Some Asians seem to feel that if they have too many blacks around their establishment, it will drive away the customers with the REAL money–the whites. You can understand the logic behind that thinking, but it’s just as racist as any other racist behaviour.

        If you’ve had a different experience, then God bless you.

      • I’ve never been to an Asian establishment, from dry cleaners to restaurants, where they didn’t fall all over themselves trying to make sure I came back. Been going to some for years and it’s always the same. Maybe It’s just the area.

  10. ronke on said:

    Folks had better be careful going to restaurants or establishments that do not welcome them. Hate is ignorance and it can cause unwanted patrons undue harm by the haters, because the hater is an individual(s) who feels poorly about themselves. Why trust them to serve you when, they do not want you in their restaurants?

    • psnthersdec on said:

      Stop playing the race card and complain about how they are not reporting white on white crime. You guys can’t even take a swim or go on vacation without killing each other. Each time I watch the news someone has killed the whole family.

      • i asked a question from a story I saw on NBC web site about a white man killing his girl friends mother and cutting up the body and just asked one simple question ” Why there was no white rage ” and I asked the question because when a person of color committed a crime we all were guilty of that crime and with this one question I received a lot of hate about what blacks do, and that was not the question.

    • THE NAT TURNER on said:

      Pay back is a mutha ain’t it white peoples….Just look at all the black you whites hung, and killed during slavery and jim crow..I always ways hears a dead honkie is a good honkie

    • psnthersdec on said:

      Would you have been mad had they not kept their cool. I am sick of black folks thinking when someone attacks us we are not supposed to do or say anything. If we say anything we are ghetto and if we don’t say anything we are a good Negro. Take that slave mentality somewhere else.

      • jhuf on said:

        I don’t know of anyone who advocates doing nothing when “attacked” but keeping calm in a verbal interaction I agree with, the lady had a firearm Trayvon Martin shows us with happens when you square off with a gun

  11. Steve on said:

    FYI…I’m sure there will be a gofundme fundraiser next for this piece of crap stating how her business has suffered due to these “folks”

  12. jhuf on said:

    is that a photo of the establishment? this person is in the wrong line of work 10 arrests probably all related to the Bar/Club industry not to mention the golden rule of business ” Green is the only color that matters”

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