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Looks like Lil’ Kim has her sights set on invading TV’s biggest “Empire.”

Chatting with Grazia Magazine, Taraji P. Henson revealed the Queen Bee took to Twitter to send a direct message to her about appearing on the popular Fox show in a guest-starring role.

Responding to the message, Henson voiced her approval with a revelation of her own.

“I was like, ‘trust me girl I’m working on it. That would break the Internet,’” Henson told Grazia.

Should Lil’ Kim guest on “Empire” for the show’s second season, she would be in good company as Snoop Dogg and Mary J. Blige have already appeared on season one. Add in Henson’s confession about the rapstress being one of the inspirations for her Cookie character and the notion of Lil’ Kim being “Empire” bound wouldn’t be so far-fetched.

So what say you? Would Lil’ Kim make for good TV on “Empire” or would Cookie and co. be better off without a cameo from one of rap’s biggest names?

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(Photo Source: Taraji P. Henson/Lil Kim Instagram

8 thoughts on “Taraji P. Henson Reveals Lil’ Kim’s Request To Guest Star on ‘Empire’

  1. on said:

    He’ll ……….. no! Please don’t a diva an a zebra don’t match leave lil’him rite where she is. Jus nas……Ty. by felicia.

  2. Tall T on said:

    Heck yea I would love to see Lil Kim on Empire !!! That would be cool. Nevertheless two divas are always better than one !! That’s jus straight GANGSTA !!!

  3. Clay Lomax on said:

    Starting Free, free, free. Unbelievable, but true. Register free and get your Bicoins for FREEEEEE!!! No questions and no excuses. Again! It´s free. Yes, free. No risk. Just fun. It´s free.
    This is where to start………. JOBS-FASHION.­Ⅽ­O­Ⅿ

  4. mutha fuckn QUEEN B !!!!!!!! hell yea from one KIM TO ANOTHER we loveeeeeeee lil kim 🙂 🙂
    much love for her, FROM BIG KIM!!!!! IM 52 so I’ll be BIG KIM !!!!!

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