Karrueche Wants Chris Brown To Do WHAT?
Oh the Internet…

In today’s WTF news, HollywoodLife reports Karrueche Tran wants Chris Brown to tattoo her name on his “private parts” so every time he thinks about cheating, he will be reminded of her. Blank stare.

Just in case you thought there was any truth to the ridiculous report, Karrueche commented under a fan’s Instagram photo to clarify things:

Instagram Photo

Our thoughts exactly!

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16 thoughts on “Karrueche Wants Chris Brown To Do WHAT?; Christina Milian & Lil Wayne Wear Sweatsuits To The Club & More

  1. Sthrncal on said:

    I honestly don’t think she said this madness…he’s cheated repeatedly. Having a tattoo down there will not all of a sudden give him a “moment of clarity” these blogs need to let this girl be….

  2. This is Istan-ullshit. Like the good people said get a life and move on. If he dosent care for you getting a tattoo on his heart still wont cut it.

  3. boy gat mula, plus he can move…and he gud luking sorry babe such guys players,u knew the deal when u signed adapt to that ohhh simply move on…

  4. He will not be able to do that. What if he and Rhianna get back together. That is his ultimate dream. I think she is just doing this to prepare for her reuniting with him if not already. Her rent and car note is due. She can’t be like Rhianna cause Rhianna is a millionaire and she is a thousandnaire.

  5. MsAlex on said:

    She sounds ridiculous. If he goes ahead and gets that tattoo, only then, will he give second thought to using a condom…not so he won’t have any babies but so he won’t have a reminder to stay faithful.

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