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Thomas Q Jones

Source: Ian Maddox / Ian Maddox

Gabrielle Union’s character, Mary Jane Paul on the BET hit TV show, Being Mary Jane surprised us all when she ended up over a chocolate hunk of a man’s house, getting her body pleased in ways we could only gush about in our journals. Then when she revealed his name (or least what he was saved under) in her phone, we all smiled happily, relating to Mary Jane on a whole ‘nother sexy level.


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“Cutty Buddy” was this handsome stranger’s name. If you know anything about booty calls, you know that they have many monikers and “Cutty Buddy” is one of them. It’s cute, it rhymes and it says what you need it to say without blatantly calling the person your “Penis On Speed Dial.”

We know we’re not alone when we say that there was nothing more than lust circulating in our private parts as we watched his Greek God-like muscles flex to lift Mary Jane into positions that made our cheeks hot! We just had to find out who this man was and how we can get on his radar…because he’s on ours!

Matter of fact–he’s our #MCM. Meet Thomas Q. Jones, your new #MCM. He’s a former NFLer (Arizona Cardinals) who is one of the top 25 leading rushers in NFL history. Not only is he Mary Jane’s Mr. Fix It, but he’s had appearances in “Shameless,” “Comedy Bang Bang” and “Straight Outta Compton,” the N.W.A. movie.

HelloBeautiful: What type of woman do you like?

Thomas Q. Jones: I don’t really have a type to be honest. I think all woman are beautiful and provide a sense of security for a man. I just want someone that wants to grow with me mentally and emotionally.

HB: What can a woman do to get your attention?

TQJ: love when a woman flirts with me with her eyes. I don’t know it just seems very innocent, but sexy at the same time.

HB: How do you pamper a woman?

TQJ: I think the best way to pamper a woman is to make her feel safe at all times and also be her human Tylenol…maximum strength. Haha!

HB: What’s your fave thing about a woman?

TQJ: My favorite thing about a woman is her femininity.

HB: Who is your #WCW?

TQJ: I don’t have one at the moment but trust me I’m looking for one!

Thomas Q Jones

Source: Ian Maddox / Ian Maddox

And we’re looking at him! Yum! Catch Thomas Q. Jones on “Being Mary Jane” on Tuesday night at 9pm.

Being Mary Jane’s Secret Love [PHOTOS] was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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