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Have you sent a text message in the heat of the moment while you were upset, but wished you could take it back? An app currently on the market can make it a reality. Spelman graduate Maci Peterson, created On Second Thought, an app that allows users to recall text messages before it is delivered to the recipient’s phone. The app also gives users the option to place a “curfew” on their messages. This feature holds all messages until the user chooses a time for it to be sent out. What inspired Maci to come up with this idea? The entrepreneur explained in an interview with Triangular Business Journal, she experienced first hand having an embarrassing message sent out before she was able to spellcheck it.

Maci revealed she was about to go on her date with a “really strong Christian when she texted:

‘Are you in DC or MD’ Autocorrect took hold, and corrected MD to “me,” so that it read ‘in me.’ That’s not what I wanted to say, especially not before our first date,” Peterson joked. “He replied ‘I’m at my grandmother’s, I’ll see you in D.C.’

How embarrassing! The app which is only available for Android users (it is coming soon iPhone users!), it boasts over 4,000 users and won the Startup Oasis competition at SXSW Interactive. For more information about Maci’s fantastic app, click here.


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