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The grim prognosis for Bobbi Kristina Brown continues to as she remains a medically induced coma.

MSN via The New York Daily News reports that the body of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown‘s only child will begin to suffer after being in the coma for about three weeks. During this time, the publication noted that doctors essentially stabilize the brain so that it doesn’t require as much oxygen.

As a result of weeks of non-movement, Lenox Hill Hospital neurosurgery professor Dr. John Boockvar stated that blood infections like sepsis or bacteremia can result in Bobbi Kristina.

In addition, Bobbi Kristina’s lack of movement could also lead to pneumonia and blood clots in the limbs as well as bladder infections in light of her not urinating on her own.

“When these things start happening, the body starts going into multi-organ system failure, and that’s a real problem,” Boockvar told the Daily News. “By this time, we should be seeing improvement,” he told the Daily News. “There should be some glimmer of hope and we haven’t gotten it.”

Boockvar’s assessment is the latest to come in since Bobbi Kristina was found facedown in her bathtub Jan. 31. The big question in his eyes is exactly how long was Bobbi Kristina underwater.

According to Boockvar, “after five minutes, the brain can’t go without oxygen before neurons — the thinking cells in the brain — (are affected).”

Despite how it looks, Boockvar mentioned that Bobbi Kristina’s youth a great asset to her since it could be a factor in her surviving her medical situation versus someone older who would not come out as well when the brain is deprived of oxygen.

“Kids are surprising and she’s still a kid,” Boockvar said. “(We) hope that her brain is more resilient because of her age, and hopefully things move in the right direction.”

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16 thoughts on “Doctor: Bobbi Kristina’s Chances of Survival Lessens As Coma Continues

  1. Bobby is prolonging taking her off of life support so that no one can accuse him of letting her die so he can get her inheritance, which as next of kin, he will get. I don’t doubt he loves her but his motive is clearly to catch less flack. The girl has been clinically dead for some time now.. literally on God can bring her back.. but with the life she was living, I think He knows it’s better to just take her… she’ll only return to the same life.. just as Whitney did and ultimately end up dead (again)

  2. Hold on Bobby. A guy was in a coma for TWO MONTH and he just woke up over the weekend on Valentine’s day. I had a cousin in 2004 who was in coma for months and she heard the doctors telling her mother to pull the plug. She awoke months later and doing well TODAY. Man can do so much but GOD has the final say just hold on and do not give it

  3. Pamela Johnson on said:

    God has the last word/action on Bobbi Kristina so family/friends lets pray for God’s will , God’s will. God’s will only. Because God is the reason why we are all here any way. Man’s knowledge came from GOD !!! So stop speculating when a miracle should it will happen when GOD say so. Much love

    • Jay – Miracles do happen and girlc eluded to the fact that God does not always answers our prayers when we ask for them, but He certainly gives us an answer – it’s not always when we want it and it may not be exactly what we ask for, but He is an on time God – please continue to pray for this young lady – she needs all of our prayers and no negativity or questioning what & when God decides

  4. All sickness is not DEATH!!!!

    In January of 2002 I was placed in a drug-induced coma and did not awake until ten days later.
    Doctors did not expect for me to live either, but through the grace of God I am still here.

    Doctors are not God-only God can predict whether Bobbi Kristina will recover from this ordeal!!!!!!!
    Let us all continue to pray for this young lady.

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