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The investigation of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s boyfriend Nick Gordon apparently resulted after authorities found injuries to the face of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston’s daughter before they found her submerged in a bathtub.

According to TMZ.com, certain injuries raised a flag for the Roswell, Ga. Police department, which ended up taking a closer look at Brown’s situation. WSB-TV in Atlanta spoke to sources close to the investigation, which revealed that the marks found were on Brown’s face … and more specifically, her mouth.

News of Bobbi Kristina’s facial injuries comes as friends of hers and Gordon’s admitted to the couple having a violent relationship.

Sources close to Brown and Gordon say the fights between the couple, which sometimes resulted in domestic violence, stemmed from Gordon’s jealousy of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter’s fame. According to the sources, Gordon felt that he was also Houston’s child in light of him growing up with Brown. As a result, he couldn’t understand why folks focused more on Brown than him.

An example of this can be found recently when the couple tried to get their own TV show. The sources mention that Gordon and Brown ultimately turned the project down when Gordon wasn’t offered the same deal as Brown.

Knowing their history of sometimes getting violent, sources close to the pair also told TMZ they are not surprised by what’s going on with Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon.

TMZ is also reporting:

Brown family sources tell us Bobby has finally made the decision [to end life support], realizing there is no hope for his 21-year-old daughter to recover.

A source connected with Houston’s family told TMZ on Sunday. Cissy Houston, Whitney’s mom, also wanted life support pulled on the anniversary to “bond mother and daughter for eternity.” We have not confirmed this, but the NY Post ran the story this AM.


E! News is reporting the reports of ending Bobbi Kristina’s life support are completely false citing a family “source”.

Find more on Bobbi Kristina HERE.

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19 thoughts on “Bobbi Kristina’s Facial Injuries Spark Nick Gordon Investigation; Life Support to End on Anniversary of Mom’s Death [UPDATED]

  1. Nick love bobbi Kristina brown but just want her money that he wants that all .he is just used her money period. Nick need to find job hiself , not bobbi Kristina brown’s money
    that her mother sign the Documents for her only .she did not put Nick on this document together. Nick is dumbest guy

  2. Nick should go back his parents .he is deeply strong jealous over them ‘s famous fame
    I say WoW . Shame on Nick hiself over her. Bobbi dont need Nick in her life. Is she wake yet?

  3. A Good Catholic Girl on said:

    TMZ “and” sources. Since “sources” knew of the violent relationship and did not report it to law enforcement authorities, those “sources” ought to be found guilty of intentionally not notifying the law of a crime. Sorry for Ms. Brown’s and her turbulent life style, but let’s move on to somebody else’s business. Since the preoccupation is other folks’ business.

  4. Timekeeeper on said:

    Here we go again. First when Whitney passed away so many jaded, gender bent individuals tried blaming Bobby Brown, ( even though he was long gone) and refused to accept this frown woman made her own bed and slept in it and owned her mistakes. I enjoyed Whitney just as much as the next person but just like Hendrix, Belushi, Morrison and so many others their is a thin line between talent and destruction. Now, so many want to so easily buy into this TMZ mess and blame somebody else for Bobbi. Women, like men make their own decisions. Stop trying to blame a man for every Ill in these women’s lives.

  5. Sounds to me as if Mr. Gordon was INSECURE!

    However, that still did not give him the right to put his hands on another person’s child!!!!
    If after a thorough investigation it is determined that Gordon is responsible for her condition and
    injuries-then he should be charged accordingly!!!!!!

    Like the old folks used to say–“All sickness ain’t death”–so let us pray that Bobbi Kristina recovers from this ordeal.

  6. Timekeeeper on said:

    Just remember before everyone gets their pants & panties all tied up in a bunch, that this is coming from TMZ, the end all and be all to all forms of manure.

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