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Jacque Reid talks to Jean Altere and Jickael Bazin, just two of the authors of Single Man, Married Man, a book about women who want love in 2015. The book provides unique perspectives from eight different men who each have interesting views on how women should cater to men to keep their men.

“One of the main reasons we put the book together is because it’s been dictated that men are simple. We wanted this to be used as a tool to longer relationships.”

On the men surveyed:

“We put out a survey on our website. We got responses from a couple of hundred of men. We found that younger guys were focused on their careers while the older guys were looking for a foundation and someone to build a family with.”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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10 thoughts on “Authors of ‘Single Man, Married Man’ Say Women Can Keep Their Men By Catering To Him

  1. Nnamaka Ugezene on said:

    I think too many black women have this attitude where the man has to provide and sacrifice too much. A man can already be doing a lot to help a black woman and she will still threaten to leave based on her perception of what a man isn’t doing, yet she keeps talking about all the things she isn’t going to do. How do you expect a man to want to cater to you and you don’t want to do a Christmas list of stuff? You should not ask for effort when you don’t want to make an effort yourself.

  2. October on said:

    Joy, then women need to do what is needed to end those frustration. We do not need to be in relationship to have our needs met. That’s why they make condoms. LOL

  3. October on said:

    Just what does cater mean? Why do I need to cater to a grown man? Is he going to cater to me? What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander.

  4. Timekeeper on said:

    Jacque Reid ( the most issue laden woman in radio) totally missed the point. for that matter so did Tom, Sybil and Jay. All of them immediately wet straight to the lowest common denominator an asked about cheating without letting these brothers even discuss their concept. Not one of them said women needed to cater to their man ( although that is how this story is written) What does it cost to do a foot rub? Nothing! What does it cost to cook a meal? A few bucks. What I get from that is the little things in life have more value that buying something off the shelf which is the point I believe they are making.
    To turn this into another un of the mill male basing blog just shows the limitation of some people’s thought process/ Welcome to 2015! Same ol’ mindest

  5. After listening to Jacque’s report this morning, one thing came to my mind that was very obvious. The two men giving the interview gave great reasons for what is plaguing all relationships in America today, but unfortunately there were very few real answers given that could solve or substantiate the issue. The truth of the matter is that relationships are not based on how well one caters. Relationships are based on how well one communicates. Let’s face it, relationships are easy. We make them hard. If everyone who truly wanted a relationship with someone would go into the relationship with the other person in mind and not themselves, there would be a lot of successful relationships whether it was dating or marriage. Being in a relationship is a chose and it comes with a huge responsibility. If a person does not want the responsibility, they should not try to have a relationship. They should stick with just being “Lovers with no troubles” or “Friends with benefits”. You can always go from either one of those positions to someday having a great relationship, but it is literally impossible to try to have a great relationship if you not ready to embrace the responsibility. So if marriage is what you seek, don’t worry about the catering, worry about the communication. Lots of people can cater, very few people can communicate.

    Jay Anthony asked “Why do women stay when there man cheats?” It’s simple. Most women base their relationships with men on a physical connection and not a mental connection. Even though they really want it to be mental as well as physical, it seldom is. How well he looks, how much money he is bringing to the table, what he drives, where they live, and let’s not forget the most famous reindeer of them all, how well he is “rocking her world”. Cheating, in the majority of the cases, is a physical connection. Most men cheat because they can. A man is only as faithful as his options. When the man goes out and cheats, his woman realizes that it’s probably only physical and one day he will grow up and stop. In the mean time, she ways her options and if the assets out way the liabilities, why leave him for another cheater. Now I heard that some men don’t cheat, but I have never met one. It’s like a unicorn, people talk about them but no one has ever really seen one. Yes women do cheat, but it’s for totally different reasons.

    Thanks Jacque. Your reports always get me thinking!

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  7. OMG….(answer)….not (anger). LOL However…yes SOME women are disappointed (angry) that more black men aren’t willing to be in a meaningful relationship. Lots of women have tired of men just wanting to get their groove on…….and don’t want a committed relationship. For the record….women want to get their groove on as well. I’ve noticed lots of sexually frustrated women out here. LOL

  8. All men aren’t alike just like all women aren’t alike…..so there is no definitive anger as to why some men cheat, and some men don’t want to get married. Some men cheat because the are insecure, some cheap simply just because they can, and some feel as though they aren’t getting the emotional attachment they need to a woman. While some men date, and marry black women; generally speaking I think LOTS of black men have abandoned black women…..in not wanting to date, commit, nor marry. And to the brothers with financial success…not all women are out to get your money. They’re just looking for someone to love, and someone to love them. That’s just human nature.

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