Lorenzo Delpani

After being fired last month for coming forward about racism and bullying in the workplace, a lawsuit from Alan Meyers, former Revlon Chief Scientific Officer, is currently pending. The suit shockingly claims that Meyers heard the makeup brand’s CEO Lorenzo Delpani say he could “smell Black people a mile away” after having gone to a meeting in South Africa. Seriously? I thought people were done making stupid comments like this.


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The bigot allegedly said that Jews “stick together” and that he hates “small-minded, dirty Americans.” Meyers’ lawyers also want Delpani to take responsibility for putting so much stress on their chief scientist (Meyers recalls being used as a “human easel” during a half-hour presentation), he landed in the hospital for chest pain. He is suing for “unspecified punitive and compensatory damages.”

Most of these hurtful comments were made in 2013, after Delpani was newly hired. There were also disagreements over the work conditions of the lab, which Meyers found unsuitable for manufacturing and testing.

Revlon, however, is standing by its boss. They painted Meyers as a “disgruntled employee” who couldn’t perform up to the company’s standards — despite having been there since 2010. Their spokeswoman Kiki Rees said, “Mr. Meyers repeatedly demonstrated critical lapses in judgment and failed to perform at the high standard we demand of our employees.”

This is not a good look for the brand considering Oscar winner Halle Berry has been a Revlon model for over ten years…!

We weren’t planning on omitting Revlon products from our makeup drawers, but after these racist comments, we’re considering a boycott and an apology!

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