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Texas teen Montrae Toliver is finding out the hard way that a threat made on social media, however joking is going to be taken seriously. Fort Worth police arrested Toliver, 17, after a Twitter user reported a post where he was pictured pointing a gun at a police car and asking “Should I do it?”

Though the gun was an airsoft rifle, it didn’t matter. Toliver was arrested.

CBS Dallas reports: 

Detectives received information about a picture posted on Twitter on December 22.


The photo on the account of Montrae Toliver showed the sight of a rifle pointed at a Fort Worth police squad car that was stopped in a residential neighborhood.

The caption on the photo said –

“Should I do it? Don’t Care For a Black Male Anyways.”

In a Twitter post allegedly made by Toliver after posting the picture he said –

“Everyone is Posting The Pic of The One Picture But No one Will Post The One That’s Right Before It That Shows Its an Airsoft.”

The Tactical Intelligence Division-Homeland Security Unit deemed the photo a “threat of violence towards police officers.”

Multiple jurisdictions worked with Fort Worth police investigation the threat. No word yet on when or if Toliver will get bond.


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12 thoughts on “Texas Teen Arrested After Twitter Threat

  1. African American woman on said:

    Special, you made the most sensical comment here. We have got to stop acting like victims and fools. Some of us keep making the white man some kind of God that has a chokehold on their lives and choices. News flash! You are responsible for your own choices and behaviors. Any fool, regardless of race, that acts like a loser will BE a loser. We have too many losers within our communities that us black folks who are trying to raise our families right, work hard and make good choices which benefit ourselves, families and communities need to stop giving attention to and let them fall or make it by their own work or lack of.

  2. #6 You hit the nail on the “F–kng Head”!!! It’s a first class shame not only to our people but blacks in general. Society has this tale of thinking the more money you possess the gates of “HEAVEN” will open. Again I say our Black leaders have done the same thing, sold us out. America laughs because they know we will never learn the true value of being a constructive people. Ignorance/greed is at an all time high!!! So are Satan pits. Strong point #6 because it’s true.

  3. STOP THE BS on said:

    …..Like the old folks said…”A hard head makes a soft as_” He may not had a daddy to whip his behind, but I can guarantee you the police are whipping it now.

  4. specialt757 on said:

    Disrespect all around. He should have been arrested. As I said before…it’s going to get worse long before it gets better. And if it’s true his mom was a teenage mother and had 3 other kids by 3 different fathers then that’s an issue right there. This child needs a male mentor and role model to let him know he has other options when making a decision.

    • You are silly if you don’t understand that police tactics such as this are knee jerk reactions. This is a teen and the gun wasn’t really even real. If you are old enough, think back how black folks have been treated over centuries by whites in this country, law enforcement specifically. Though I am in my 50’s and would not post anything on the internet social websites, I feel basically the same way as this teen. The things you speak badly about black folks are done by all races and in fact, most of the bad behaviors exhibited by blacks, were learned from whites. They are the biggest thugs and criminals around. So, try to understand the basis for some of the actions blacks perpetrate instead of reacting as white folks expect you too.

      • specialt757 on said:

        I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. One thing is for sure I am not media-driven, I don’t “act” the way white folk expect me to act. I act and re-act to things the way I see it. This dumb ass teenager needs some serious guidance and if you think he did the right thing by pointing a “play gun” at a police car you need guidance as well even at 50. If I’m not mistaken didn’t we just hear about a child being shot and killed because he had a “play gun”? And when did I speak badly about what “blacks” have done? I could care less about what color someone’s skin color is, wrong is wrong, disgrace in my eyes is just the way I see it. I’m “pro-black” for sure, but dumb is dumb no matter the race. I tell it like it TI IS.

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