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Gina and Pat Neely may be divorcing but that won’t stop Gina Neely’s flow. The one-time co-host of Down Home With the Neelys on Food Network is splitting from her hubby of 23 years but the show, and the cooking, must go on. Gina is a public speaker who may have some recipes left up her sleeve as well as new business ventures.

In fact, she may be trying to work with Wendy Williams. She appeared on her show this week to show off her amazing weight loss and to push her partnership with Green Giant, the frozen vegetable maker. But what had most mouths dropping was her size. Although Gina’s weight has fluctuated during her show’s run, and she lost weight in 2011, this time she’s down to a size O.

Take a look. Is she too small or just right? And were you shocked by the Neely’s abrupt split amid rumors they’d been beefing for years?

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57 thoughts on “Gina Neely Lost A Husband…And Tons Of Weight! [VIDEO]

  1. seriously on said:


    I got my information from the Science Forum, reported and studied by doctors…I get it…To bad you will not even try to find out before your post…However, your head does not shrink do to weight loss…Now, when you two prove the doctors and researchers are wrong.. I will listen to you other than I do not get my information from beetlejuice.

  2. This is why men cheat on their wives. Most women dont take care of themselves once they get married, they gain a lot of weight and go weeks without gettting their hair done but once they break up its a whole new look. I feel sorry for her husband!

  3. tinygirl on said:

    She definitely looks happier and the lost of weight will give one that confidence, They tell you that in your weight lost class. lots of changes will take place, when on Wendy William show she seems like she was on a sugar im happy for her. every now and then you have to do something for yourself. she must have told wendy what not to ask her because w estill don’t know how she lost the weight or if it was surgery.

  4. Yazzie on said:

    I really like Pat & Gina, and love seeing them together, but one must do what one must do to be happy. I would like to hear his side of the story & I truly feel that he was blindsided by her wanting to move on. Anyway, I think she’s lost too much weight. Not everyone is meant to be slender & she’s one of them. A size zero is too much, but as long as she’s happy & her health is not in jeopardy, then it’s all good for her. I wish them the best.

  5. She is a petite woman so her weightless is probably just right for her body type. What people don’t realize is that everybody is different. What works for her may not work for you.

  6. Tanisha on said:

    If you lose weight and your head is still ginormous then you are not the correct weight. But if you lose weight and your head shrinks down with your body, then you’re good. We’re not all made to be the same size and that’s ok. Gina’s head looks huge.

    • seriously on said:

      Wow, you really believe that losing weight will make your head shrink? LOL, you can lose weight in your face, but no the head doesn’t shrink. However, scientists have proven people with larger heads tends to be more intelligent than others…And Gina is leaving her 20 year marriage a self-made millionaire with offers of more money to come. I will say it again Go Gina Go!

      • Virginia on said:

        Actually since your FACE is a part of your head, if it is smaller then your head is smaller, because your FACE will be smaller. Get it? As for the thing about people with bigger heads being smarter, I think THAT is laughable. Where’d you pick up that little piece of misinformation??

      • Tanisha on said:

        Thank you Virginia. Well said. Just look at all of the celebrities that were once bigger and lost a significant amount of weight. They generally have big heads. Not unless they were once small and then gained the weight.

  7. carmen on said:

    She’s doing it for the tv paycheck. Many of them lie say they lost weight due to diet and exercise. BS-keep it real like Kim Z. former RHOA, she proudly admits that she’s too lazy to exercise she gets tummy tucks etc.

  8. I must say Gina looked great! She lost far more than 25 pounds to get to that size from when she looked like on her show but who knows when that was filmed. I too am trying at 56 to get my weight where it should be and can only dream to be in a size 2 or 4 but a6 or 8 will be just fine for me. What I want to know is how she did it? Those recipe’s and eating healthy is vital to longevity! I like the way she admitted that her and husband are human and can certainly decide to part ways and still run a business, I congratulate her/their ability to do both! Her face is still a little rounder whereas when I lose weight it is seen in my face first. I would love to know what she did and the real key it “keeping it off”. Do not buy into that when you get older you just let yourself go and get “fat” that is not healthy. We all need to tighten up these bodies and eat healthier, cook more natural and probably eat out less. What i don’t understand is when wealthy folks have chefs, why don’t they cook healthy food for them that taste good! It has to help the process of keeping the body fit and trim. The bottom line is that exercise has to be critical to staying fit and putting in the effort takes sacrifice. Let’s take care of God’s temple! VOTE and be blessed!

    • seriously on said:

      Good for you! I imagine the wealthy just like good food and good food is good but comes packed with calories. And you can indulge if you don’t mind the exercise to take it off…I eat meatless twice a week, smaller portions and always a side salad…water, natural juice and smoothies. If you truly want to lose and stay within a range…You really have to change your whole way of eating food and how you prepare them…But that is a good thing as well..There is so many different veggies and meatless meals ideas out there…You just have find what you like.. Good Luck and I hope you reach your goal.

      • Seriously, I agree with you! I love salads too but find that the dressing can kill the calorie intake of the nutritional salad, but i am working on that cause I have some recipes for my beloved ranch dressing! I love lobster but the drone butter can hurt that effort! lol But a chef that knows how to make a delicious meal and make it nutritional seems heavenly to me! Eating small nutritional meals with all the spices has to half the battle. Having a gym in another room to go exercise when you need to also helps1 Anyway, I won’t let those obstacles keep me from my goal. i am determined now more than ever. I think people see those celebrities on TV and don’t understand they get sucks and tucks that we cannot afford and don’t put in half the work that we have to whereas in the long run we will be healthier and realize that it is a lifestyle change for the better that is going to last! Usher’s ex-wife almost died trying to go get a tummy tuck, in another country, shortly after having a child, in an effort to “look” small. What doesn’t show in the wash will come out in the wax!

  9. she does not look younger – in fact she actually looks older but nice with the weight loss. If you compare her pic when she was on the show she looks a lot better and yall know that’s truth.

    • Royalty1022 on said:

      You are so right. I have yet to see anyone who has lost weight the does not look older. It’s something about fat that give the face a youthful look…

  10. She’ll gain it back just like Oprah and the others did. Massive weight loss before turning 50 is what they do (females in television and movie screen) and gain it right back. Same book same chapter, they all do it and gain it right back, metabolisms and harmones change in women. There’s nothing wrong with being a curvy, valumptuious, healthy good looking size 10, 12,14 and some size 16’s depending on a size 16 height.

  11. She’ll gain it back just like Oprah and the others did. Massive weight loss before turning 50 is they do and gain it right back. Same book same chapter, they all do it and gain it right back, metabolisms and harmones change in women. There’s nothing wrong with being a curvy, valumptuious, healthy good looking size 10, 12,14 and some size 16’s depending on a size 16 height.

    • Kathie on said:

      Gina took 5 years to lose the weight, not a short term diet. She did it by healthy eating, smaller portions, lots of water, and moving more. Gina girl you look soooo good, beautiful, healthy and good for you to do it the right way, slowly. She will keep the weight off cause she did it right.

    • seriously on said:

      Good ideal …I hope Ebony/Essence…her own book on her diet perhaps? And what a good way for a girlfriend pack to start a diet together…I know she works out and is into yoga…I do yoga…well attempting to and it looks a lot easier than done. But I think her recipes will be not that far-fetched and expensive as other diet programs..Well, I hope

  12. seriously on, If you’re referring to me get it right, I didn’t say nothing about black woman and obesity!
    Gina looked fine the way she was except for the stuffed chipmunk cheeks which she still has. Loosing weight to a size 0 a size 2 is not cute not normal unless you’re a fashion model and they don’t look normal being tall and skinny like that but that’s how they have to earn their paychecks. If she’s going to be working with Wendy Williams (also lost a lot of weight for the sake of her job), she had to loose weight, that’s in the TV in front of the camera contracts. Pay attention, they all have to loose weight or not work at all. It’s the new normal for anybody who’s occupation is on TV/in front of the camera.

    • I said it. on said:

      I think that in America we are so used to seeing people over their ideal health weight that they do look normal, or fine to us. What we are saying is that, if she is not starving herself and is eating healthy and exercising normally, then she is doing the right thing health wise and that her size is her normal size. If any of us changed our diet to appropriate portions, exercises normally, and lost weight, that weight would be our ideal size, or the size we are suppose to be. Now, do we look good in our mind and in the society we live in if we don’t? Yes. That’s what we have learned to do. We hold it down, pull it in, suck it in, and dress it up fancy. Is it killing us, heck yes! It’s not just the black community though. It’s America as a whole. In our culture as a whole, we criticize people when they are smaller than what we are used to overall. That woman looks good and has probably added years to her life. Besides who wants to go through a divorce and be over weight?

    • seriously on said:

      If I had wanted to post something to you, I would have and have..
      Sorry, my general opinion hit home to you. LOL
      .You do not know if she had to lose weight to be on tv? Maybe she did it for herself and although an size 2 is not normal for you….Your normal is not everyone else..Which is the point? However, quite a few celebrity chefs are chunky and no one is complaining about their weight, so I doubt she needed to lose weight to be on tv cooking. Now models and all that other crap you are talking about is just nonsense…What is wrong with models? I think I gotta right the first time though.

  13. seriously on said:

    Judging from the comments, the golden rule to life is to please yourself and do yourself…And you need your haters, that is how you know you are on the right track. Because clearly if Gina was fat, unattractive and whining about her break-up…Well some folks would be happy for her self-impose misery, it matches their own and makes their dysfunction normal. Gotta love haters…I mean they are some obsessed with others and their need to see people down, they have not a clue that in the end they only condemned themselves..LOL. I guess Momma did not get around to telling you that LOL

  14. If she is happy being a size 0, then I am happy for her. I must say I did not know who she was. Everyone is not built to be that small, sometimes we go to far. I lost 15lbs. went from a size 14 to a size 10-12 and I am thrilled. Now I am trying to keep it off.

  15. If she thinks she looks good.. sorry honey you look soo bad you might like your body but your face is looking bad. folks divorce for the silliest things.

  16. carmen on said:

    BS, in our culture/black women a size 0 size 2 size 4 is not a natural healthy look. Please let’s be real the people in front of the camera loose become anorexic because that’s how it is in order to get a job have a job stay relevant in the television environment.

    • seriously on said:

      Our culture? Speak for yourself their is no pride in being obese, diabetes, heart disease and various cancers that are killing us faster they any other segments and you want to believe it is cultural thing we should be proud of? Death and sickness….Speak for yourself!

      • I said it. on said:

        Thanks for saying that. It’s almost like saying we have to be overweight to be considered to look good. She lost the weight naturally, so that implies that that is her natural size when she takes care of herself.

    • Carmen, do not let yourself sound stupid. Did you come out of your mother weighting 300 pounds? NO. I am a size 5/6 and I look very natural. What people wont say. She looks good. the reason why she does not look natural to you is because you are NOT use to seeing her look this way.

      • seriously on said:

        Good Luck with that…The only people who endorses obesity and bad health are people who are obese and in bad health or will be…And in some states republicans want to start a “fat tax” for people who are obese and draining states medical care, life insurance charge more if one is overweight. And a lot of obese people are at the bottom list for donor transplant and it is because of their weight.

  17. Mary Ann Parrish on said:

    I liked that show, and am sorry for their split, but no one deserves to be unhappy. As for her weight loss, I am hoping she puts out a cookbook with the recipes she used……LoL.

  18. redbone1954 on said:

    She is so fake and over the top with all that crap (I’m the sugar fairy etc) I could not watch the stupid show. As long as she is happy I am over the moon especially since they are not on the food network (No shade) anymore goodbye and good luck to her whatever!!!!!!!! and for her size 0 my Mom always said even a dog will bury a bone LOL!!!!!!

    • I said it. on said:

      Some people never cease to amaze me. You call the sister a bone and then rejoice openly that she is not doing the food network, which was her source of income. Why? It’s just as easy to turn the channel. Don’t block your blessings. Rejoice when others do well and be sad when they are not.

    • seriously on said:

      Yeah, no shade…just downright jealous and bitterness…Cannot congratulate another black woman huh? You momma also should have told you a dog buries bones, but the human graveyards is full of morbidly obese people, who maynot have died if they would have lost some of fat or that gluttony in of itself is a mortal sin…Did she tell you about diabetes, heart disease, strokes, various cancers rooted in obesity. I will take the size 2
      you can have the fat, disease and ignorance..Which justifies your jealousy and bitterness. Gina Neely did what most woman should do when life changes….Step up your game!

      I say…Go Gina Go! #teamginaneely

  19. I said it. on said:

    And she’s 49? She looks atleast ten years younger. She didn’t anything wrong. She’s doing what she should be doing and the weight came off. Bravo. How could she bee too skinny if she’s losing weight naturally?

    • seriously on said:

      Gina Neely was never fat and the most she might have lost 30-40 pounds and that is a guess…The pictures of her in her younger years, she was about 3 or 6 size…You are right this is her natural size. And I am sure with the health benefits for age will increase her health and life span. I am a size 6, my smallest size was a 2 when I was around 14…so a size 4 or 6 is my natural weight…Although I am 5’7 so I look smaller than a 6…I don’t understand why some other endorse obesity. It is like Monique and her skinny women are evil rant…Yet, when the doctor told her she will die with that weight…she lost the weight. As did Chaka Kahn, who stated she wasn’t going out that way and lost the weight.

  20. Cathy B on said:

    she looks older now with so much weight lost. As long as she’s happy that’s all that matters, honey cuz life is to short to be sad and depressed all the time!!! ok…

    • Royalty1022 on said:

      She looks really good and she is not that tall so the weightless is probably just right for her height and bone structure.

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