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Atlanta Exes star Tameka Raymond is back to enjoying her life as a mother and being a reality TV star. But dating can be challenging. Men commonly compare themselves to her pop-superstar ex, Usher.

“Men are really always making little, small references to my ex-husband,” Tameka told VH1. “It’s very annoying.”

She was married to R&B crooner and pop icon Usher (August 3, 2007 – November 4, 2009) after all, so it makes sense men would be at least a little intimidated.

“For me, my life changed a lot in being married to him. There was just a lot of pressure a lot of image concerns,” Raymond said.

“You set aside a lot of what you want to do personally. You put it on the back burner to kinda be there and be the backbone for your mate. Now, I’m able to just wake up and say, ‘Wow. Today is my day. I’m doing what I want to do or what I need to do for me.’”

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13 thoughts on “Tameka Raymond: ‘Being Married to Usher Was A Lot of Pressure’

  1. Watched the show and the person I felt was nasty rude and arrogant was kevin harts ex. She just ruins the show for me. Seems to have it in for tameka from the start. Maybe she’s a bit envious that tameka did have a fine classy man while Kevin hart looks like an escapef ape at best.

    • I never like KH, because he’s your A!! Hole! Ride with a Sister and then get with a light bright, half white or other who would not have given him the time of day if he was not making $$$.

      • You are so absolutely right. Surely kh has got to know this woman is with him only gor $$. When his fame wears off he’ll see what it’s all about. That seems to be the case with our black men every where.

  2. Ms. Thang on said:

    You should have just been you and not worry about what others was looking for in you are wanted you to be for it was about you and him. If it didn’t work it was because Reuther you all didn’t put in the work or you were not for each other.

  3. Barbrah Webb on said:

    I don’t think his mother was the cause of the break up. His mother had nothing to do with her losing custody of the two children she has with Usher or her NOT having custody of her older children. Lets put the blame where it belongs – it belongs with her. Its easy to blame Usher’s mother but reality is all Usher mother did was not go to the cancelled wedding or the actual wedding. I’m pretty sure Usher knew his mother wasn’t coming. Perhaps Usher’s mother was worried about Tameka – perhaps she knew her son wasn’t ready to get married. I’ve seen the preview of Atlanta Exes and I can’t say I see anything positive about Tameka.

  4. LaTasha on said:

    One can always give an illusion and put on a show for others, but the thing about illusions, they don’t last for long and your true character of who you are ALWAYS surface. All relationships go through things, but when you get involved with someone for all the wrong reasons; instead of being the predator you “thought” you were, you become the prey. ~”God don’t like ugly”~

  5. I don’t buy that you put your life on hold to build or be there for somebody else – super star or not. A person’s image of themselves is their insecurities about themselves. When you choose to share the spotlight with someone famous, you need to be and do you – not live for the other person. Feeling like you had to eat and look a certain way was her own insecurites. She knew what she was getting into.

  6. seriously on said:

    I find it odd that this woman is so concern about what some new man thinks of her being married to Usher, I would think she would be more interested in building a relationship with her children. As it is, she have lost custody to her child with Usher and her other boyfriend/husband has custody of her children. Yet, she is concern with what another man think and dating… Perhaps that is why she lost custody of her children to two men…Her only concern and priority should be birth control. Just saying

  7. I like tameka. Unfortunately she’s had some bad breaks. She seems to be a strong woman who is a survivor. I’ve always felt usher loved her but the relationship couldn’t survive his mother which is a shame.

    • seriously on said:

      Perhaps Momma knows best, after all she was older and has lost custody of her children to her ex, yes any true mother would be concern and whether or not to have a child with a person who has lost custody of their other children. It something a mature person needs to consider. And I do not think it is strong to lose custody of your children and go have another child with someone else….And there is a reason she keeps losing custody of her children. Her ex certainly do not have Usher money, so something is wrong with her, courts do not easily take a child from a woman that easily.

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