Rev. Al Sharpton says we’re missing one key thing in the Michael Brown story: justice. The Ferguson police chief has revealed the name of Mike Brown’s shooter, but we’re a long way from justice being served. Falling short of it in the past with high profile cases like Trayvon Martin, it’s hard to stay optimistic. But Al Sharpton tells “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” we will win eventually.

Listen to the audio player to hear Sharpton discuss police being more concerned about arresting reporters than young Black men being killed and left for dead on the side of the street. In addition, hear more details on what’s next to come in the fight for Michael Brown in this exclusive interview.

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One thought on “Rev. Al Sharpton On Michael Brown: “The Struggle Continues, But We’re Going To Win”

  1. Why are we not winning against black on black crime?? Why are we not protesting in Detroit and Chicago every weekend?? Some folks only show up when the world is watching.

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