Singer Robin Thicke, is throwing in the towel on his pursuit to reconcile with his estranged wife Paula Patton because he’s finally realized his marriage had flatlined.

After  dropping an ill-received album and begging Paula Patton for months, Robin Thicke has said enough is enough. He indicated being done with trying to win Patton back when he put their home up for sale. Reportedly, Paula hasn’t lived in the couple’s Los Angeles home since she left him in February.

An attorney has already been hired to begin splitting Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s assets. Although an attorney is separating their possessions, neither Robin or Paula have hired a divorce attorney. Robin Thicke says he won’t be the one to file for divorce. She will have to make that first move.

Robin and Paula have been together since they were teenagers, so this divorce is going to be a devastating blow for the both of them.

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6 thoughts on “Robin Thicke Is Officially Done Begging Paula Patton To Reconcile

  1. Joyce cheek on said:

    I said, “I hope you can work it out”. No I don’t know what goes on inside their home, but neither do you. We do know how deeply a child and parent can be dramatized by divorce. You sound like a divorcee or the product of one.

    • hottlanta on said:

      You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. That is why some women stay in abusive marriages by listening to stay married at any cause crack pots like you.

  2. The truth about Marissa Alexander that BAW won’t tell you:
    Yes, her husband had a history of domestic abuse but Ms. Alexander was also abusive and she had a temper. She had a year long restraining order against her husband, during that time she conceived and had a child with him. They got into an argument about texts to an ex of hers and accusations of who the real father of the baby was and there was shoving. Now then she bypassed two exits of the home and went into the garage (3rd exit). She told LE that the garage door was broken and she could not get out but when checked the door worked just fine. She retrieved a handgun from her car and returned back to the inside of the home. She claimed she fired a warning shot into the ceiling, she did not, the path of the bullet was at head level where her husband and 2 children were standing and the path can be traced as it went through the walls.
    Her husband left his home with his children and called the police and she locked herself inside the home…..she never called 911. Her story did not match the evidence. Her husband changed his story from the 911 call to try and protect her but changed back to the original version for the trial. His eldest son also testified at the trial.
    When she was out on bail she violated the terms set by bail (she was to have no contact with her husband) and again went to the home. She then assaulted her husband leaving him with a black eye. He, once again, was the one to call 911 and she never did and left the scene. When the police caught up to her they noticed no injuries on her and place her in handcuffs and into a car. Shortly afterwards she complained of her head hurting and a cut was seen on her head and she was transported to the hospital. It was suggested that she caused her own injury after being put into the police car to frame her husband. Because of the history of domestic violence, the prosecutor wanted to cut her a break and offered her 3 yrs and a lesser charge but Alexander took her chances on SYG and the jury. She lost on the SYG hearing and turned down her plea deal.
    Because she bypassed 2 first exits to leave the home and went out a 3rd door and retrieved a gun and went back to confront her ex, this is why she lost out on SYG. She was out of any danger but went back to continue the confrontation only this time with a gun. That is not standing your ground.
    If anything, Florida’s 10-20-Life law is what needs to be changed. Show a gun and you get 10 yrs, fire a gun and you get 20, kill someone and you get Life. These are firm sentences with no wiggle room or discretion left to the judge.

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