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LaToya Jackson already has her OWN reality show, Life With LaToya, but now she has a new single Feels Like Love, a pop song that will hopefully burn up a few dance floors.

Since the single is called Feels Like Love, is LaToya still in love with Jeffre, her business manager and friend of 20 years, who surprised everyone, including LaToya with a proposal after the show’s first season?

“Things are feeling really, really good. I’m very excited, very happy and I’m just loving it. I’m going for the ride. It’s great. The ride includes a lot of things. You’ll see it,” LaToya promises. “I think that for a lot of women [caution] is part of the process. Especially when you’ve gone through something that wasn’t great. You’re fearful, especially when that person controlled you and made you say things against your will. So you’re hoping that this is the right thing. But it looks very, very good right now. He’s a great guy.”

LaToya, now 58, says that Jeffre is a great guy, so much that even her parents like him. After years of being best friends, LaToya says that their relationship is very easy. Part of the reason, she says, is that they’ve known each other for so long that he knows everything about her.

As for her life now, LaToya says she’s put the past in perspective.

“I’ve learned to move forward and stay focused and just do what you love in life.”

Season two of Life With LaToya airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. on OWN.

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2 thoughts on “LaToya Jackson Says New Love Has Given Her New Lease on Life

  1. LaToya Oprah has given you an opportunity to GET PAID. And I ain’t mad at yeah… run with it. But most people don’t for one minute think that the so-called romance with Jeffery is real!! Most of us look at him with a side eye.

    • msyellarose on said:

      Glad to see I wasn”t the only one. Hell, I thought the dude was gay. I still wonder though… even the commercials for this seem phony ( I don’t think I can stomach actually watching this show).

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