Chicago business owner David C. Nicosia, 55, faces multiple charges after slapping and spitting on Judge Arnette Hubbard, 79, an iconic and still active community leader in the city of Chicago, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Hubbard, who is Black, was reportedly smoking a cigarette outside of the Daley Center on Monday when she walked by Nicosia, who is White. He allegedly became angry that she was smoking so close to him, according to authorities.

He angrily approached Hubbard and said, “Rosa Parks, move!” before spitting in her face.

As he began to walk away, Hubbard, who is known for her dedication to civil rights and women’s issues, followed Nicosia and called for someone to assist her. At that point, he turned around and allegedly slapped her hard across her face.

“She’s an icon in our community,” said Delores Robinson, past president of the Cook County Bar Association. “People of good common sense and decency, people of good hearts should be outraged by this. Not just because of who she is but that this happened to anybody.”

Nicosia is charged with four counts of aggravated battery and a hate crime.

Read more from the Tribune:

Chief Judge Timothy Evans, whose offices are also in the Daley Center, declined to comment. A representative said judicial rules of conduct barred Evans from speaking about a pending criminal case.

Born in Arkansas, Hubbard graduated from Southern Illinois University and John Marshall Law School and began her legal career in 1969 working on civil rights cases, according to online biographies. As part of the city’s African-American power structure, she spent several terms on the city’s election board as well as the cable commission.

Hubbard was appointed to the bench in 1997, re-elected to a six-year term the following year and retained since in two more elections, most recently in 2010.

Nicosia is being held on $90,000 bail.

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3 thoughts on “Chicago Man Charged With Hate Crime For Slapping, Spitting On Judge

  1. americanize. on said:

    If any person of any race spits on you,thats grounds for a ass whipping.That devil is lucky no brothers wasn,t around.

  2. Wow…I remember being a kid (in the 70’s) and getting into a fight with a white neighbor who called me the “N” word and spit on me. I was at my “Big Mama’s” house and I thought she was going to kill that kid! She beat the mess out of him and then walked him back home and told the parent what happened. Needles to say, I didn’t ever see him again! This guy needs a good ole’ fashion whooping, and the judge should be able to do it!

  3. seriously on said:

    Geez. I wonder why the police did not shoot or beat him near death as they would have a black person who committed such an act…They kkk types are basically cowards, but no one is a vicious and dangerous than a coward and they dispense the worst cruelty…A 56 year old man beats up a 79 year old woman, or turning dogs of children, bombing churches with children in them…Yet, they defer that to black behavior. But no one, not even them knows how this will end.

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