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Now that Apollo Nida is being shipped off to prison, his two sons are left without a dad for the next eight years. But they can visit him occasionally – if Phaedra Parks allows it. Listen to Gary’s Tea in the audio player to hear the discussion on whether Phaedra should take her kids to see Apollo in prison, or not!

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19 thoughts on “Will Phaedra Take Her Kids To See Apollo In Prison?

  1. Pheadra better hope all them millions he owe they don’t come after her for payment, it’s not like she didn’t know what her hubby was doing, now. You can’t slip nothing past a Southern Belle.

  2. lianna on said:

    Prisons are disgusting and filthy. Full of men with Hepatitis, Staph, scabies. The boys will have to get a full pat down and go through security just enter the visitation room. It is not an environment I would expose my children to willingly.

  3. Life is real. Of course those boys should go to see their dad, and Phaedra should teach them as they grow older that daddy is where he is, because of bad decisions, and this is the consequence to that. The boys don’t deserve to be kept away from their dad. They are too young to understand what’s going on. They need to see him and inter-act with him, and have a chance to love their dad.

  4. hottlanta on said:

    She is just taking the kids back the place where she met him. She won’t be lying. She was a single married woman because he served no purpose as a man, father or husband when he was out of prison.

  5. Tracy on said:

    Phaedra had to know what he was doing. She’s just as guilty as he is and should go to jail with her high and mighty attitude.

  6. Tangie on said:

    Phaedra tried to help Apollo with the personal trainer and funeral business and Cynthia tried to get him into modeling. So Apollo was disrespectful to Phaedra and the attitude he gave her when she wanted to leave and go to the restroom and to sleep after she caught him talking to Kendra. Kendra was getting Phaedra back for doing what many married women do and that is judge single women as less than or cant get a man, etc. Kendra proved she can have her man since she is judging. I really believe when married women do this it brings their seed of judgement back to their marriage. Judge and you will be judged with the same measure you have judged. I have seen this happen and the married women dont put two and two together when it does.

  7. Monicah on said:

    Phaedra got what she wanted…she wanted babies…just like Halle…they got what they wanted.

    Nida fulfilled the role she needed him to. She did just like too many women do, they went to the jail house got a man..and unfortunately, that man…couldn’t hold it together.


  8. cmj14 on said:

    Is the ‘for better or worse’ null and void? Yes, I do think that Phaedra should by all means take her son’s to visit their father and HER husband. As long as he got away with the scams she benefited and held her nose high in the air and scrunched it up at anyone she felt was beneath her. She knew that he was convicted years before for pretty much the same thing because as Angela Stanton states in her Vibe Magazine interview that Phaedra, Apollo and his brother as well as her did scams left and right. Obviously Phaedra is clever and avoided going to jail then as she has for right now, but Angela, Apollo and his brother all went to prison, Angela even had her child hand cuffed to a bed. I wonder why Phaedra allowed her and her family to even be on a reality tv show knowing that her background is less than clean?

  9. I think she should move on without him. He is a two time loser. She needs to start building a life for her and the boys without him in their lives in any way shape or form. When the boys are older, it should be their decision as to whether they want a relationship with their father.

  10. Marnesha on said:

    I think it is really unfair for the children to have to see their father in that type of environment for the next 8 years. Apollo messed up his family life for being stupid and greedy for money. I feel for Phaedra and I highly doubt she is going to put her life on hold for 8 years. I know that as smart as Phaedra is, she had to know he wasn’t making money the honest way.

  11. momznuts on said:

    “Punctuation,” people! Phaedra is NOT going to be in prison…..Now, if she decides to take her son’s, to see their father, in prison…that’s her choice, as a mom. I can’t really comment either way on that. I can say that if you’re around garbage, long enough, you start to smell like garbage. Just saying………..

    • BobbySmalls on said:

      No need to put an apostrophe on the word “son’s.” For someone shouting about punctuation you should know that.

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