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Going to the movies is one of the only experiences that will still give you the same excitement you had when you were a kid. But as an adult, man, are there some things you absolutely cannot stand.

When the theater is empty and someone sits right behind you

And then when that person puts their feet on the back of your seat

When THAT parent brings their chirren to the late night movie and they cry the ENTIRE time.

 When you’re watching a re-release and uberfans recite EVERY. SINGLE. WORD.

Having to do the pee dance in your chair because you don’t want to miss anything

People who loudly predict the movie

The people who come in late to the movies and can’t find a damn seat blocking everyone’s view

Where’s the leg room??

Ummm, who can afford this?!

People who constantly check their phone so the backlight is distracting

What are other things that make you mad at the movie?

Inspired by reddit.


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