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When it rains on Stevie J, it pours. After being arrested for owing more than a million dollars in back child support and failing a subsequent drug test, Stevie J told his Twitter followers he and Joseline Hernandez are no longer together.

It was a regular night on Twitter for Stevie J. He was talking to some fans and during the chat, he admitted he and the Puerto Rican Princess were new residents of Splitsville, USA. The news came out when a fan asked him what one of his worst habits was. He replied by saying it was loving people who hurt him. When another fan made reference to his marriage to Hernandez by calling her the Puerto Rican Princess, Stevie retweeted it and said, “I don’t have one of those.”

Although this seems true, we’re not sure what to believe. Benzino has been going in on Joseline for her alleged affairs and being a prostitute, but that’s because she has been engaged in a war of words with his woman Althea. Plus, Stevie J and Joseline are known to be hungry for the spotlight so who knows, this could quite possibly be a stunt for more press. If so, well played y’all.



OFF THE BUS: Stevie J & Joseline Call It Quits was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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