Gospel artist Tamela Mann underwent a drastic change when she decided to embark on a weight loss journey with her husband David Mann (better known as Mr. Brown). The “Take Me To The King” singer dropped over 200 pounds and debuted her slimmed down frame on Instagram.

What prompted the couple’s sudden lifestyle change? “I had to start it because I have diabetes,” David told us on the red carpet of the 2014 BET Awards. He was diagnosed with the disease four years ago. “[Tamela] just jumped on the bandwagon.” The couple’s intense workout, that includes burpees, weight lifting, sit-ups and other traditional exercise moves, brought them even closer together.

“The cookies be calling me,” David joked. “It’s just about getting the eating under wraps,” Tamela added. With such a strong union, we had to ask the couple their secrets that help then maintain the spark in their marriage. “Take divorce off of the table,” David said sternly. “If you take divorce off of the table, then there’s we’re going to work it out.” And, when all else fails, David says “stay in love.”

Great advice! Watch the Mann’s give more marital advice, above.

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