Floyd Mayweather is standing by his statement that women need to be aware of what they wear.

Last month, the boxer decided to tell ladies everywhere that they need to dress in a way that requires men to come correct. Short shorts in the summer? Forget it. Low-cut tops? Lose them! Any scantily clad woman is basically inviting disrespect, if you ask Floyd.

The post drew a lot of criticism from people that accused him of slut-shaming women simply for how they chose to dress.

Weeks later his stance on the matter has not changed. If anything, he’s come up with more arguments for why women need to keep themselves a little more covered up.

“I just think in society today, how women dress-you know a lot of men come at women inappropriate,” Floyd told at the 2014 BET Awards.  “So, I think women need to tighten their game up.”

He continued by stressing that women don’t need to put everything on display to look hot. “It’s more of having respect for yourself. Less is not always sexy or classy,” he said before pointing to his date as an example of how women should dress.

Although he aimed his original message at women, Floyd stated that guys need to cover up, too! He’s tired of being able to tell which men prefer boxers or briefs on sight. He urged guys to stop sagging their pants, stating, “Men need to dress more appropriate as far as pulling their pants up, pulling their jeans up.”

We can certainly appreciate well-intentioned advice, but Floyd might want to remember that how you choose to dress doesn’t mean you give up any right to a basic level of respect. We’d suggest that he focus himself on his upcoming rematch against Marcos Maidana on September 13. Good looking out, though.

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