TV anchor Michelle Burdo (pictured) has apologized for using the offensive and derogatory term “colored” when she referred to an African-American woman during a summer hair tips segment Monday morning on her program “CBS Better Mornings Atlanta,” according to Access Atlanta.

“Let me tell you something,” Burdo said to an African-American female hair expert. “I’m not a colored woman, but I have kinky hair just like her and when you straighten it every day, it’s….”  Burdo then realized at some point what had spilled out of her mouth, paused awkwardly, giggled, and then the segment’s guest expert filled the pause with the word healthier.

When Tuesday’s show aired, Burdo apologized for using the antiquated term just minutes before the program ended stating:

“Yesterday, I made a pretty insensitive remark during one of our segments here on ‘Better Mornings Atlanta.’ I apologize…. Once again, I truly want to say from the bottom of my heart that I really am sorry about that comment. I made that comment in reference to my hair color but I used an inappropriate term.” 

Someone posted the video of Burdo’s comment on YouTube and irate viewers took to the site to comment on the co-host’s verbal slippage, but the video has since been removed.

According to Access Atlanta, Lane Michaelsen, the CBS 46 news director, reportedly told them in an e-mail that he made sure Burdo issued an on-air apology but did not state, whether she would be reprimanded.


19 thoughts on “Atlanta’s CBS 46 Michelle Burdo Apologizes For Referring To Black Woman As ‘Colored’

  1. msyellarose on said:

    Who was this oman raised by? Her great grandparents? The term “colored” is so out-dated and and derogatory to many.

  2. pac4me on said:

    Why reprimand the woman for what she believes – she still thinks of us as colored and this could not have been the first time she called one of us that term – it came off her lips too smoothly. What I don’t like is her apology and her lie about the reference was to her hair color – Bull Crap – just apologize for your stupidity but only if you’re sincerely sorry

  3. Suzanne Conerway on said:

    If you have lived as long as I have, you have been called Negro, Colored, Black, Afro-American, African American and before I die, there may be another name for people of color. Get over it – the young lady was probably thinking hair and not what she said. We have all made mistakes – GET OVER IT! That is NOT the most offensive thing that could be said. I am an African-American, but my DNA says I am 52% white – so what does that make me??

  4. Ms Just Sayn on said:

    My question is whenever I here that word I always ask, ‘What color black, green, white, purple because there are sooooo many colors to choose from. You take me there, believe you will be taken there also. ‘Michelle Burdo!! Not accepted in my book, so Boooo to you.

  5. Mac Ben on said:

    Would it be any different if she used the phrase “woman of color” as is often used to describe spanish, hindu, black and any other non-white person?? GTFOOH! This is bullshit and not an issue, but rather she misspoke as a professional. You hoes have been called worse by your own family and friends!

  6. Not Mad on said:

    I live in Orlando Florida and have working with Michelle on several occasions. I can honestly say she is not a racist. As an African American male living in the south, I have certainly experienced my share of racism, but Michelle is not one of those type of people and is actually a very nice person. When you talk for a living, as news anchors do, you may unintentionally say something that may offend any number of people, without truly even trying.

  7. Honestly on said:

    Worthless and mindless white n!@@ers are not a shame of being racist. They glorify their inbred nature. These neanderthal apes should be driven back into the caves of Europe.

  8. seriously on said:

    No one that you would use such an outdated term unless it was intentional and these fake apologies are worthless…The black women she was speaking to should have said something…I would have said “colored”, you were born in the 40s/50’s bum the hair care segment, what facial regiment are you using that makes you looks in the 20’s and act in 70’/80’s…” However, I am an African-American. Whose colored and what color is that?

    • Mac Ben on said:

      Unless you were born in Africa and migrated to America you ARE NOT an African-American (you are a black American or simply an American); and in that context the term African-American would apply to white folks like Charlize Theron- who is white, was born in Africa and moved to the U.S.

      • Mikka on said:

        Mac Ben you need to tell that to all the other races’ children who were born here and call themselves Japanese, Chinese, German, Russian, Puerto Rican Americans.

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