A 39-year-old mother has been charged with murder, while another adult passenger who was in the car with her is in serious trouble, after they allowed six youngsters, ages 8 through 14, to ride on the hood of the car so they wouldn’t get the seats wet.

Four of the children fell off the car, and one, a 12-year-old girl who sustained severe head injuries, died around 11:30p.m. Wednesday night.

The driver of the car was said to be drunk.

Police said Kisha Young let the children ride on the hood and trunk of her Chevrolet Malibu on June 17 because their clothes were wet. The group, including another adult, had been swimming at the Creekside Community Pool.

According to police, Young has been charged with intoxication assault, a third degree felony. She posted $110,000 bond and was released from jail on Friday.

Crowley police said they are working with the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office to determine future charges on the case.

Funeral arrangements for the girl, whose name has not been released, have yet to be revealed.

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(Photo Source: NBCDFW)

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14 thoughts on “Mother Makes Kids Ride on Top of Car; They Fall Off, One Dies

  1. If they had been swimming wasn’t the roof of the car hot?? Not to mention how dangerous that was. Both adults should rot in jail before they get to hell. I wish that there was a way to test these idiots for common sense before you are allowed to have children. Idiots, drunk or sober!!

  2. Linda on said:

    Yo stupid mother-what ever happened to bringing some bath towels along with you since you knew that your kids would be coming from the pool and they would be wet!

    What had this cretin been smoking?

    She seemed to have thought more of her carseats than she did the lives of her own children.

    Now DHS will retain custody of her remaining kids while her dumb ass is in JAIL!!!!–

    God Bless these poor little children who have asshole parents!!!!

  3. This is just so sad!! How does a parent put the safety of children second to any material possession!! Seats in a car can be dried out or replaced ….. That little girl lost her life for ever!!! This is not just a bad choice this displays pure ignorance and is not someone that should have any child under their supervision!!!!!!!!!

    • Minsky Brown, Uk on said:

      Totally agree. How ridiculously stupid can someone be.
      – people ought to be mentally & emotionally assessed before they can be allowed to become parents, its disgusting to read.

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