Three-year old Tiffany had a dilemma when she is caught red-handed with a pilfered donut she wasn’t supposed to eat. The adorable little girl is slick, though, coming up with a series of “stories” that blames her dad and brother before she’s calmly shut down by her mother, who’s not buying it.

This video, posted to YouTube, has already gone viral, and little Tiffany will no doubt end up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show or somewhere – since Ellen has become the queen of kids and viral video as of late.

Even if not, and even though she’s lying, we have to give little Tiffany some points for her efforts. And she did get to eat most of the donut.

 Would you be as calm as Tiffany’s mom or did she deserve a spanking? Let us know!

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18 thoughts on “Donut Drama: Adorable 3-Year Old Blames Dad, Brother When Caught Red-Handed [WATCH]

  1. Diamondgrrl55 on said:

    The mom must have thought it was funny because she recorded it. I think the mama handled it great and the little girl is so adorable! Even if she was lying lol. This shows that we learn bad habits at a young age and it usually begins when were trying to save our own behind!

  2. Barbara richardson on said:

    The mom did a good job. The kid is 3 not 6. She gave her the opportunity to explain herself then she let her know she did not believe her and explained to her why she now was on punishment. All kids lie until they are taught it’s not good to do. This was a teachable moment for the little girl.

  3. Mac Ben on said:

    Thus beginneth the cycle of lying on men- black men, to save her own ass! Smh…; there is nothing cute about that.

    • Your Therapist on said:

      Okay Mack let’s not project our hatred of Black women onto an innocent 3 year old…And I’ll bet money she saw her big brother and daddy steal a donut before and not get caught, which is why she thought it was okay to do in the first place.. #startsnitchin

  4. Cynic13 on said:

    Such adorable “storytelling.” @trell – 3 years old is the age that kids start telling stories – it’s up to the parents to define lies vs. truth – it’s not a concept they are born knowing.

  5. Jermaine on said:

    Lighten up a little. I think that Mom did a great job interrogating and Tiffany held her on in cover up. While attempting to hide the doughnut Mom says”I can still see the doughnut” and Tiffany pushes it further behind her back and says”Can you see it now?” That was too cute

    • Paris on said:

      I agree with you Jermaine, lighten up. It’s a cute video that she can show to her little girl when she’s older. Her mother is correcting her and letting her know she should not have taken the donut. It’s not like it is a video of a kid cursing on cue, now that’s wrong.

  6. I said it. on said:

    The mama is the one with the problem. Why would she do the back and forth and them put it on YouTube? Correct the child and move on, don’t give her an opportunity to practice fibbing, or blow it out of proportion by posting it. It’s cute at three, not so much at thirteen. Mom needs too much attention.

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